The Instrument To Accomplish The Reunification of America: A National Multi-year Strategic Plan Formulated by its Citizens

Insular silos of  media information  in which we immerse ourselves; patterns of residential segregation that reinforce our biases and intensify our normative presuppositions; the continuous inundation by those sources of social media that provide presumptions and assertions about our cultural reality whose values we embrace, that rarely if ever present opposing visions and interpretations of our political institutions  and our economic system and the various dynamics and influences and the cumulative impact which they exert on our nation.

So too do we bear tragic witness to the continuing fragmentation and dissolution of those forces that created and sustained our families, communities, and the universal commitment to our national purpose, are the ascendant contemporary truths about our society in this the winter of 2018.

These forces in concert with the rampant activity of inexorable “disruptive” technological innovations, which accelerate the velocity of automation and shall relegate tens of millions of Americans in a future that looms imminently to the realm of the superfluous, who serve no valid economic purpose and will thus be consigned to an ever-expanding universe  of  poverty, sustained solely by the anemic and wholly inadequate largesse of government and private charities.

And what transcends these realities is the mammoth chasm of inequality that is the current hallmark of the intrinsic quality of life in which we as citizens of this nation are embedded, where an infinitesimal few are so engorged with wealth and so many of us wage the daily struggle to retain our financial viability, where the legacies of racial injustice remain potent and unimpeded, and the virulent and toxic products of gerrymandering and governmental policy in operation in so many political jurisdictions of this country, continue their imprisonment of both minorities and the rural poor in cages of penury and acute suffering.

In the final analysis however it is the unequaled potency of both major public corporations and their  humungous private counterparts  within the financial sphere of  our economy  such as hedge funds and those banks that have been accorded the “spurious” designation of “too big to fail”, that are culpable beyond all other elements of those entities that comprise our nation’s institutional superstructure, for the continued malaise and dysfunction which plagues us.

For it is these organizations who by use of their enormous monetary capacities skillfully utilize these resources to distort and subvert those prospective innovations and defeat and neutralize those attempts and overtures which contain the potential to restore the hegemony of the substantial majority  in this polity, who seek to democratize our political processes and diminish the inequities and injustices which are in pervasive evidence throughout virtually every aspect and facet of our national life.

It is in the intrinsic interest of these entities to foment and perpetuate divisions and fissures in our society and to stimulate the acrimony and contention which reflects our current political dialogue, and stoke the fires of discord and enmity that are the hallmarks of a poisonous divisiveness, and the perspectives of so many among our citizenry who brand opponents as enemies, divergent view points as blasphemy, and dissimilar interpretations of social reality as the pathological musings of the intellectually and morally bankrupt.

This constellation of influences have acquired emboldened and intensified destructive capabilities in recent months and as a result are eroding the very foundations of this republic, the fundamental ideology and consensus which binds us as nation, and the concomitant commitments and robust voluntary support of our common purpose and shared destiny, which for more than two centuries  we as Americans fervently embraced and embodied, and when it was periodically required to protect and perpetuate our democracy gave unstintingly of our selves, our energies, and in in numerous instances in postures of service and  ultimate sacrifice, our very lives, that this  glorious experiment in collective self-determination which throughout its existence has provided liberty and economic  opportunity for so many, might continue to endure.

It is in baleful recognition and demoralizing acknowledgement of these horrific realities that I compose this most recent addendum to the body of information I have provided to visitors to this website since its inception five years ago.

However, beyond stipulating to the existence of these facts and the complete comprehension that if unchecked and ignored these disasterous influences could eventually metastasize into the demise of our freedoms and the inception of a subsequent pernicious era initially of an authoritarian character, and ultimately as the imprimatur of our national life, the irreversibility of a fully rendered and emasculating system that is  fascistic  or totalitarian in its essence could transpire.

In the face of these historically unprecedented  challenges to our viability and our societal integrity and the very continuation of a mode of being however imperfect that has prevailed for more than 240 years, the choices that confront us are stark and unmistakable.

Permitting the dynamics, energies, and influences of corrosion and disintegration to function and flow unimpeded will guarantee our demise as an enlightened bastion of tolerance and freedom that the world has sought to enter as immigrants and emulate in the formulation of their respective systems of government.

To virtually all of our populace that course of action is unacceptable and is in fact morally repugnant. Rather what is required is the formulation of a document that in its capacity to speak to so many among us who in postures of rejection, have determined that the present structure of social reality is neither equitable nor hospitable to the sensibilities  of a robust and vibrant humanistic consciousness.

This declaration must contain those principles that are fundamental elements of a culture in which social justice is ascendant and in continuous transcendent operation. It must furthermore in explicit  terms speak to the immediate eradication of that phalanx of social injustices that have imprisoned those in our nation in enclosures of prejudice, discrimination, and the systematic denial of both educational and economic opportunity, as the result of racial or religious identities or membership.

Moreover, in some quintessential regard it must include those provisions, and proposals that seek as their objective the fullest possible recognition and implementation of primary elements of the sacred promises which our founding fathers enunciated so many decades ago, that as of this date remain tragically unrealized.

Finally, it must present in a comprehensive posture of prospective institutional and policy initiatives, a national commitment to the eradication of poverty in this nation, and contained within that blueprint must their appear the specific recommendations to accomplish the reentry of those in this society who have been cast aside by globalization, the abandonment of corporate activity as the result of relocation, and those who dwell in rural enclaves of the United States who have languished in circumstances of acute material deprivation  and cultural sterility for decades.

This allocation of cognitive energy in the service of enlightened social innovation, this exertion which seeks as its ultimate objective a rendering of those principles that reside at the epicenter of both a Judeo-Christian belief system as well as components which may be found in virtually all systems of theology, and those normative values that are present in the creed of a secular Humanist.

For it is the considered judgement of this author that inherent in that modus operandi and the formulation of a manifesto that reflects and embodies those values, will a sufficiently broad consensus of support and approval for these principles be generated among our populace, that will both transcend our current schisms  and serve as a unifying instrument to both heal the virulent and ultimately irreparable animosities that are extant, and provide the comprehensive pathway to a future that by its actualization will delete so much of our present content of social injustice and the substantive inequities which derive from that reality,  and by so doing usher in an era of unprecedented cooperation and cultural civility.

I have begun the composition of this instrument and it is my intent in the very near future in a subsequent addendum to this website to share its contents with you, and to solicit your comments and evaluation, so that in its final form it may reflect the maximum capability to convert skeptics and win adherents and by so doing commence a dialogue to transform our national consciousness and the subsequent metamorphosis of the American republic. that at this moment is so sorely aggrieved and vulnerable.