Creating an Ethical,Equitable, and Self-Transcending Culture 

To those of you who reside in this nation and are profoundly unhappy with the present realities that are the hallmark of life in the United States, I wish to provide to you the gift of hope and present the possibilities for a national future that will reflect a society that rests on a scrupulous moral foundation and an institutional framework which embodies a commitment to social justice and economic opportunity for all.

 The third element of this marvelous trinity shall provide an   innate cultural environment that promotes the fullest expression of your capabilities, passions, aspirations, altruism, creativity, and thus reflects a life in which your humanity is substantially actualized.

I am certain that many of you who are reviewing this introduction to  the continuing presentation of the broad spectrum of projects, programs, initiatives, and undertakings, that have as their objective the rehabilitation of America, are reading this material through the lens of skepticism or perhaps the prism of cynicism.

 In a country that is ensnared in a jobless recovery from a  brutal recession, where those who appear on the Forbes 400 compilation possess greater wealth that 180 million Americans who comprise the middle class and the impoverished, and a Congress that is incapable of providing legislative solutions to our most pressing challenges, what dynamic you may inquire  can remedy these appalling economic and political facts?

Moreover,  so many our fellow citizens who live in crumbling urban neighborhoods and rural areas that have become virtual ghost towns, and many others though economically viable  are dependent on anti-depressants and alcohol and drugs to numb the suffering they experience from stagnating incomes and responsibilities in the work place that have little intrinsic value and less meaning; must wonder what possible  antidotes can be activated to both interdict these trends and create an alternative national future.?

In addition, in a society that is mesmerized with technology and escapist entertainment vehicles, rabid materialism, and deteriorating social connections and a diminishing in the concern and compassion that we experience in our evaluation of those who are both  less fortunate and who vehemently disagree with our politics, and who rush to the embrace of therapists and meditation and yoga instructors in order to relieve the stress and exhaustion of our daily schedules, enormous  doubt must exist that any conceivable institutional responses might effectively negate these pervasive inimical forces.

The happy news is that as I am creating this  document there are functioning and effective entities in our nation that are addressing these forces that imprison our existences and through their unremitting efforts  will eventually liberate us from these cruel and debilitating economic and social influences.

These initiatives assume many different forms and shapes.  This world of a humanistic American possibility is comprised of social entrepreneurs, nonprofit, not-for-profit, and for-profit organizations, as well as public-private partnerships, municipal and state agencies, and other sources of private innovation and audacious experimentation.

This continuum includes initiatives to reform the processes of corporate governance, increase the responsiveness of local governments, enlarge the universe of community economic development, provide funds through state banks to augment the realm of community development corporations, joint-ventures, and strategic partnerships to rehabilitate neighborhoods; as well as university-community relationships which confront a broad range of financial, educational, health, and other challenges.

In addition, throughout many of the regions of our country various incubators exist that provide technical and financial assistance to entrepreneurs in such areas of commercial activity as communications technology, software development, biomedical research, as well as an entity in New York City which supports artists and sculptors, graphic artists and designers, as they hone their skills and seek to become self-sustaining.

Increasing numbers of community based companies  that are engaged in the provision of products and services whose compensation packages  enable employees to sustain middle-class status, purchase  equity positions within these corporations, and exercise significant influence on those  management policies and practices,  their employers adopt in the administration and operations of these commercial enterprises are being established.

If you are wish to withdraw from a professional involvement that you detest and  construct your life in a manner that reflects a value system of social responsibility to your fellows and the flowering  of your potential in each aspect of your existence, then this website will be of great value to you.

If it is your fervent desire to expend your energies and talents in the service of both mitigating  those aspects of our contemporary civilization which deprive so many of both economic and educational opportunities and the  security and contentment which flows from the presence of those options, then this website is a locale where you will discover the existence of numerous  individuals and organizations who are engaged in this struggle, whose labors you are welcome to join.

If you wish to immerse yourself in those practices and protocols that will facilitate your spiritual and psychological growth, and enable you to construct and maintain relationships with others that will increase your contentment, serenity.  and creativity, then all you need do is to consult this website.

I shall unveil frequent installments on this website that shall highlight those  models, principles, programs, and policies, that have been successfully deployed in many regions of this country to transform our society.  It is my hope that at some point in the very near future you will become engaged in some aspect of this quest.

 I welcome your comments and responses to these presentations  however, obscenities,  gratuitous insults, ad Hominem attacks, and similar vocabularies of disrespect and incivility, will be removed from this site.  Let  us become allies and confederates in this great adventure to accomplish our nation’s reconstruction  and the maximum evolution of our individual potential.  Let us commence this glorious campaign today!





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Creating An Ethical, Equitable, and Self-Transcending Culture

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