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A Strategy For Transforming America

A Strategy For Transforming America

  At this juncture of your review of this document many among you will determine that the sentiments and prescriptions contained in my presentation, though laudable and relevant to our quest to create a more equitable society and humane cultural framework, do not address the critical matters that are central to a secular existence in this the second decade of the twenty-first century in the American national experience, and you would be correct.

However, it is my intent to commence the formulation of this agenda for a personal and a social renaissance in very comprehensive and specific terms in this portion of my cognitive musings.

           Perhaps the most critical of considerations regarding this mammoth task of humanizing this civilization must we address the individual who wishes to commit to this  laudable effort and the matter of how they might attain and retain in the longer term, a situation in which they and their families economic viability is preserved.

           To withdraw from various involvements in transnational corporate behemoths in order to reclaim the potential of participating in a lived experience that is multi-dimensional and self-actualizing is a crucial first step, but by so doing we are not relieved of our personal financial responsibilities to ourselves and our spouses/partners and our children.

            What are possible destinations for these courageous and  noble pioneers that shall provide both the requisite stream of revenue, as well as the organizational structures that are humane, innately equitable, and provide the possibility of equity positions and profit sharing  in which a maximally democratic system of administrative supervision is extant?

            Armed with the results of your self-transcendence  inventory  does it become possible to chart a course of social entrepreneurialism where you are the master of your economic aspirations. The mission statement  and strategic plan you formulate  will reflect the fullest possible flowering of your normative system and the muse you wish to allow  the greatest possible empirical expression.