Implementing various strategies to extinguish American democracy: the current agenda of the Libertarian oligarchy

Subsequent to a half-century campaign to eviscerate the political efficacy of the vast majority of our citizens who comprise the 99% of our populace, the billionaires among us have determined that the retention of any meaningful capacity by this preponderance of residents within our republic must be sacrificed, if the plutocrats are to maintain their “liberties” to plunder our economy and dominate our political processes and institutions.

To accomplish this objective, the operational dismemberment of our polity, they are deploying an extensive array of strategic approaches and tactical practices.

From those at all levels of the Republican apparatus be they within “red” counties or states and among those who represent these constituencies within the House and Senate, are a blizzard of initiatives emerging that obstruct and diminish the capacity of minority communities to exercise their franchise.

In the arena of public financial expenditures, the accumulation of increasing debt and deficits is permissible to provide substantial monetary benefits to their constituents that comprise their base of wealthy donors, but are to be rejected should they ease the burdens of the middle-class or those among us who are impoverished.

So too do they remain committed to the allocation of vast sums to support our military establishment and the militarization of local police forces throughout the nation, but ferociously oppose policies and programmatic endeavors to rectify the devastation which systemic racism has wreaked on our African-American cohorts, and the remediation of the genocidal treatment which the Native-American universe has sustained both historically and contemporarily as well.

Beyond the legislative precincts of our polity, their nefarious intentions are aided by both the Executive branch of our federal government when those who reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are members of their party, which Donald Trump most recently exemplified, and those jurists at all levels, selected for their service by the Federalist Society to continue the erosion of a democratic populist will and further enfeeble their capacity to chart the direction of our society.

The sole justification for the recent support which a very modest number of Republican Senators provided to ensure the passage of a desperately required infrastructure legislation was the fact that it did not impose additional financial burdens on our oligarchy to fund these activities.

You may be certain that none among them will vote to approve the multi-trillion dollar “human” infrastructure pending legislation that will be of enormous value to the lives and welfare of those who generate modest incomes or who are mired in the basements of destitution.

For contained in this legislation is the requirement that the enormously profitable corporate behemoths among us as well as the miniscule realm of those who have amassed mammoth personal fortunes, provide in the name of of the imperative requirements which social equity imposes, increase their annual contributions to our federal treasury.

In addition to these activities those in the Libertarian coterie are anticipating a future in which a sufficient critical mass of states will find to their way to a majoritarian Republican status and thus permit them to summon a constitutional convention in order to effect those alterations of our current polity and the provisions inherent in its management, to permanently enshrine the legitimacy and legality of minority rule in the United States.

Should you doubt this possibility various representatives from the phalanx of organizations and institutes which this oligarchy funds convened in Utah during the summer for precisely this purpose, to prepare for the previously cited eventuality and thus to recommend specific revisions to our constitutional order that when ratified will accomplish their goals.

While those in the Democratic party squabble among themselves in the quest to hammer out a compromise which both moderates and progressives can ratify in areas relative to voting rights, climate change, decreasing massive inequalities among our populace, and increasing our resistance to cyber incursions from foreign powers and non state actors, and formulating various strategies to combat terrorism from sources both foreign and domestic, the sole preoccupation of their Republican colleagues is to engage in the culture wars which rage to sustain the incitement of the disaffected groups that comprise the Trumpian universe.

Their contribution to the resolution of the current exigencies with which we as a culture are contending, i.e. Covid 19, and the anti-vaccine constituency which in the name pf persona liberty refuses both to be inoculated against this deadly pathogen or be tested for its presence frequently, nor even to don masks to protect themselves from the devastating consequences which contracting this virus may precipitate is non-existent.

Beyond the specific components of their tactical forays to destabilize and dismember our cultural cohesiveness is the ultimate goal of engaging in a broad panoply of activities which will conclude in either a national consensus that democracy has become fatally deficient in equitably ordering the affairs of our citizen and must yield to an authoritarian paradigm, or a fascist construct of governance to provide the” rational” guidance our society requires to function.

Thus do we witness in pursuit of that eventuality the following table of endeavors; the assertion that pervasive voter fraud exists, that the powers of those officials charged with supervising our elections should be substantially curtailed, that in extreme cases of electoral “Irregularities” the determination of state legislatures should supersede the results an election has reflected.

In addition, those voices in our polity that advocate political overtures to mitigate inequality or societal inequities that diminish impoverishment, must be muted and hindered in their capability to revise or amend the current paradigm in which the priorities and preferences of our oligarchy remain ascendant.

Other substantive efforts to create chaos and disillusionment and despair derive from their support of the alt-right, white supremacists, and other domestic terrorist organizations who advocate anarchy and assert that violence is both permissible and imperative to retain the maintenance of our contemporary political system, that reveres in a horribly inaccurate nostalgic haze an American past that grievously omits the fundamental facts of a polity that was fatally flawed by such injustices as systemic racism, genocide, and grotesque maldistributions of wealth and political efficacy among our populace

Moreover, those efforts to create an historical record of our nation’s past as well as its current status which critical race theory and the treatment of the Native American communities among us are excoriated and banned, as exercises in a scholarship that erodes patriotism and corrupts the “reality” of an infinitely more benign recitation, that has since our founding been the sole curriculum that has been taught by those pedagogues in both our public schools and private academies.

Thus, it is through these political mechanisms, inactivity and indolence, stoking the fires of cultural warfare, frustrating the long suppressed and denied aspirations of the majority of our fellow citizens in their quest to secure a redress of their grievances, as well as the neglect of urgent requirements which the restoration of our physical and human infrastructure demands, that are provoking the conflagrations of cultural dissolution.

In associated exertions they ensure the appointment of jurists that will through their decisions perpetuate the reign of the plutocrats who reside at the apogee of the Forbes 400, and erode the body of existing judicial precedents that protect the crucial constitutional capabilities in the exercise of our citizens electoral preferences, and rescind all restrictions to contribute to the candidates and causes they cherish and support that had been previously imposed on corporations, PAC’s, and 501c4 non-profit organizations.

Thus, whether through terminal demoralization, insurrectionary impulse, or the adamant and unyielding refusal to address the legitimate and intensifying discontent that increasing numbers of our fellow citizens are expressing, the fervent hope in this the final chapter in their campaign to permanently disable the quintessential reality of our republic, by disabling the majoritarian volition our polity expresses, and in so doing precipitate the expiration of our democracy.

In each instance of the preceding litany of the organizations and individuals who are engaged in this effort one undeniable fact beyond all others links them indissolubly together, the critical reality that the financial resources and political advocacy for these endeavors has one ultimate source, the Libertarian oligarchy.

in the final analysis they are the architects of this campaign to officiate at the demise of our republic and to accomplish by this coup the substitution of a system of government whatever its precise form or content that will enshrine them in a posture of unchallengeable permanence, and thus sustain their capability to unceasingly acquire unrestricted financial assets and the political corollary to impose their values and preferences throughout our nation and in every corner of the globe.

In part two of this post which is imminent I shall explicate in substantial detail and extensive specificity the national activity which we at the Fund For An Equitable America are commencing to ensure the failure of the Libertarian oligarchy to accomplish the demise of our democratic polity by mounting a massive and unrelenting campaign to dismember the institutional components of those private sector structures from which their financial capabilities to fuel and sustain their exertions are derived.