The horrific global ramifications of a post-democratic America

Permit me to enumerate in all its grotesque and mammoth dimensions a universe in which our democracy mutates into an authoritarian system of political behavior.

Beyond the irretrievable reality of the devastation to the ethos of individual liberties and the collective principles of a national purpose, and a sacred commitment to the welfare and equity of all who compose our populace; the fundamental character of our nation will reflect at is epicenter, a brutal, violent, and irredeemable Neo-Hobbesian character in a cultural dynamic that shall eternally preclude the possibility of recapturing a democratic agenda and raison d’etre, to which our citizens can comit their allegiance and the passionate subscription of their energies.

In the international realm what indispensable capability will exist to marshal the resources of democratic societies whatever their locale to oppose totalitarian rulers and initiatives, whether these efforts require diplomatic and/or military resources in the absence of our leadership?

When successive waves of pandemic afflictions engulf the globe from whence will the concerted and extraordinary technical resources and ingenuity required to blunt its progress and contain its lethality originate, in a world that lacks our current capabilities?

When inevitably the manifold plagues which climate change has spawned and grows every more extensive and lethal in its manifestations, which nation shall mobilize and sustain the exertions required to tame and reverse its most pernicious handiwork when we have descended into a societal conglomeration of chaos and impotence?

Who will initiate the numerous campaigns and initiatives that are required to rectify and heal those conflicts and ferocious disagreements that fester in so many locales on our planet, that inflict so much death and suffering on its involuntary participants if we withdraw our attention and cease our involvement in these contentious and brutal altercations?

The partial recitation of the disastrous consequences that would befall so many individual inhabitants and societies should we succumb to the virulent and intensifying forces of anti-democratic populism that is currently raging in the United States, is both impossible to fully predict and terrifying in its implications.

For all the reasons I have previously cited and others that are too numerous to elucidate, it is imperative that we respond at this crucial juncture as the summer of 2022 enters its final weeks, to mobilize a national campaign of sustained activity to ensure that we retain an operational democratic polity however anemic and compromised its present status.

This critical prospective endeavor contains the following elements that cumulatively reflect as their objective the crucial necessity of ensuring that every component of the private sector empires which the neoliberal oligarchy has constructed and is currently operative, becomes insolvent and thus sinks beneath the waves of an irredeemable bankrupt status as rapidly as feasible, from which it shall never recover.

By accomplishing this goal we shall deprive the contemporary universe of foundations, non-profit organizations, institutes, and other such institutional entities that are the combatants that are destroying our democratic polity, whose exertions should they succeed, shall usher in an era of authoritarianism that is fascistic in its fundamental character and bears no resemblance to previous expressions of genuine populistic fervor that is contained within our nation’s historical record.

Thus, in the final analysis the antidote to the lethal and ultimately fatal agenda of dismantling our republic is to render inoperative those commercial entities that fuel their donations and contributions to the preceding phalanx of entities. The accomplishment of that imperative necessity shall provoke these purveyors of fatal pathologies to wither and expire in the absence of these financial resources.

To cite one specific example of a mammoth financial structure that resides at the epicenter of the neoliberal source of funding, one need look no further than the 100 billion dollar entity which Charles Koch has constructed. The corporate elements of which it is composed are principally those energy conglomerates within the fossil fuel realm. In addition, among those companies which he controls include Georgia-Pacific a purveyor of lumber and paper products which are purchased by many organizations, in the construction realm both residential and commercial in their activities, as well as innumerable businesses of every variety for which paper products serve a multiplicity of uses.

The paradigm that must be deployed in order to enormously reduce the revenues which flow to GP as the result of the purchases of substantial quantities of their inventory, is to identify the most significant customers that acquire these products and inform the senior management of these entities that they must cease the financial transactions in which they have been traditionally engaged, and obtain their requirements for lumber and paper products from other suppliers.

Specifically from .those entities who support the reinvigoration of our democratic polity, as opposed to those such as Charles Koch who allocate millions of dollars to organizations which are ceaselessly seeking at all levels of our society, i.e. local, state, and federal ,to dismember and obliterate the capability to implement an agenda of priorities and policies that embody the majoritarian consensus which our populace embraces in such realms as civil rights, global warming, individual reproductive freedoms, economic equity initiatives, and those mandates to protect the sanctity of our elections, and so many other areas of intense fervor where the wishes of our citizens are dismissed and rejected by those who serve the demands and preferences of our nation’s oligarchy.

It is this approach to constricting and ultimately eliminating the monstrous annual flow of gargantuan sums from this neoliberal universe that must be applied to each and every private sector entity within the neoliberal galaxy if we are to reclaim our republic.

As we undertake this process of rigorous research to both identify these companies and their principal customers, we must also enlarge and financially fortify those entities within the progressive non-profit realm, as well as those commercial enterprises that support various activities and agendas that revivify and reinvigorate the functioning and efficacy of those initiatives and endeavors that seek to return to our citizens the control of our governmental decisions and determinations.

This national campaign must commence immediately if we are to defeat the forces among us who wish the further the irrevocable dissolution of the American experience that has endured for almost two and one half centuries.

Let the word go out to every citizen and all those organizations and institutions that comprise our polity that there does not exist in this moment as the autumn of 2022 looms imminently, a more urgent or imperative task that the summoning and deployment of our collective resources to salvage what remains of our democracy, and by so doing to restore its vibrancy and capacity to provide to all who reside among us a society in which inequities and inequalities that have endured and accelerated since our founding shall be remedied, and as a result we shall achieve the more perfect union toward which we have been ceaselessly striving since the establishment of our nation.


The tragic imminence of a second civil conflagration

The significance of those events which transpire in 2022 cannot be overstated. Whatever facet of the public realm in which they occur nothing less than the survival of what currently remains of our functioning democracy (however autocratic and anemic its status) is at grievous risk of its total dissolution.

In every sector of our society the forces of retrenchment, reaction, and the repeal of all that is progressive and an enlightened and liberatory agenda, is under unremitting and relentless bombardment.

Whether the particular objective is to suppress the electoral volition of minorities, delete elements of a public school curriculum that contains the horrific truths of our republic’s racist legacy, or the decimation of the indigenous populations who were residents of this continent long before our arrival, or the tragic history of our efforts as a nation to reject and exclude immigrants due to considerations of ethnicity or religious affiliations to be permitted to establish residency on our shores, the cumulative impact of these activities is accelerating the decomposition of our social cohesion and the acceleration of the strife and polarization by which we are afflicted.

In related areas of enormous concern, we are witnessing the importation into our cultural mainstream of racist tropes and virulent expressions of both anti-Semitism and anti-Islamic condemnation. So too are major segments of our fellow citizens engaged in the nihilistic behavior that rejects effective medical antidotes to the pathogen of Covid-19 in its various iterations, that due to their intransigence and deluded embrace in the name of persona liberty has caused the deaths of more than 800,000 americans since its inception in 2020.

These manifestations of self-destructiveness and their societal ramifications retard our national recovery to a salutary state of public health, and simultaneously obstruct the speed and extent to which our economy may recoup the losses it has sustained since the advent of this plague’s arrival among our populace.

However, beyond all those previously cited calamities and pathologies by which we are presently accosted none poses the mortal threat to our maintenance as a democratic polity which the malignant and pervasive hoax that our previous president has ceaselessly reiterated since his campaign to secure a second term as our commander-in-chieff was rebuffed, is the fraudulent and wholly discredited assertion that his defeat was attributable to the nefarious and illegal machinations of various elements of those officials who had supervised the 2020 electoral contest.

This delusionary claim has enthralled and mesmerized tens of millions of our citizens who as a result aver that the current occupant of the White House has been illegitimately installed, and among this coterie of our fellow Americans there are many who advocate as an antidote to “restore” the nation’s true purpose and adherence to its founding principles, a resort to violence if that is what is required to rectify this contemporary anomaly .

Thus, do they vigorously support the efforts of state legislatures to engage in the further gerrymandering of congressional districts and state and local precincts to ensure that those officials who represent them will retain their positions ad infinitum, and reject the initiatives of those in our nation who have been denied the promises which our founding fathers enunciated, and wish to redress those grievances by ensuring that those policies and programs which are adopted within the political realm are sufficiently efficacious to ameliorate those enduring injustices.

The dangers which these perspectives pose could not be more perilous to the maintenance of our democracy, for at the very epicenter of those beliefs about our republic is the sacrosanct notion that our citizenry via the ballot box shall determine our fate as a nation, and that each of us shall be afforded this constitutional prerogative, and that every such vote cast shall be duly recorded and tabulated and in concert with the votes of all others who have expressed their electoral preferences shall determine the composition of those individuals we have entrusted the crucial task of managing our public affairs.

Should that fundamental embrace of the validity of this process be compromised and as a result a significant portion of our populace becomes committed to the notion that the remedy for our current woes lies in the “therapeutic” dynamic of violence, our experiment in representative democracy which has endured for almost two and a half centuries shall be abrogated, and we shall be engulfed in a second civil war that in its form and content will bear little resemblance to the previous national conflagration, but will nonetheless irrevocably terminate our standing among those who remain functioning democratic states and plunge us into an interminable nightmare of authoritarian rule, or even more forbidding an era in which we suffer under the yoke of a governmental structure and dynamic that is a fully rendered exercise in fascism.

The response which this draconian possibility that is looming every more proximate and probable demands is the mobilization of a comprehensive campaign that enlists and involves every single element of those organizations and entities which are currently engaged in any facet of the struggle to create a nation that is transformational in its character and reflects and embodies in the vision of the strategic paradigm it advocates those realities that comprise a progressive, equitable, and liberating narrative and conceptual typology.

It is via this instrumentality and its implementation and ascendancy in this nation that we will finally become the empirical realization of the values and broader normative ethical underpinnings which those who formulated the precepts of the enlightenment so many centuries ago can acknowledge that their prescriptions for a society in which social justice is operative has at long last been called into being.

Implementing various strategies to extinguish American democracy: the current agenda of the Libertarian oligarchy

Subsequent to a half-century campaign to eviscerate the political efficacy of the vast majority of our citizens who comprise the 99% of our populace, the billionaires among us have determined that the retention of any meaningful capacity by this preponderance of residents within our republic must be sacrificed, if the plutocrats are to maintain their “liberties” to plunder our economy and dominate our political processes and institutions.

To accomplish this objective, the operational dismemberment of our polity, they are deploying an extensive array of strategic approaches and tactical practices.

From those at all levels of the Republican apparatus be they within “red” counties or states and among those who represent these constituencies within the House and Senate, are a blizzard of initiatives emerging that obstruct and diminish the capacity of minority communities to exercise their franchise.

In the arena of public financial expenditures, the accumulation of increasing debt and deficits is permissible to provide substantial monetary benefits to their constituents that comprise their base of wealthy donors, but are to be rejected should they ease the burdens of the middle-class or those among us who are impoverished.

So too do they remain committed to the allocation of vast sums to support our military establishment and the militarization of local police forces throughout the nation, but ferociously oppose policies and programmatic endeavors to rectify the devastation which systemic racism has wreaked on our African-American cohorts, and the remediation of the genocidal treatment which the Native-American universe has sustained both historically and contemporarily as well.

Beyond the legislative precincts of our polity, their nefarious intentions are aided by both the Executive branch of our federal government when those who reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are members of their party, which Donald Trump most recently exemplified, and those jurists at all levels, selected for their service by the Federalist Society to continue the erosion of a democratic populist will and further enfeeble their capacity to chart the direction of our society.

The sole justification for the recent support which a very modest number of Republican Senators provided to ensure the passage of a desperately required infrastructure legislation was the fact that it did not impose additional financial burdens on our oligarchy to fund these activities.

You may be certain that none among them will vote to approve the multi-trillion dollar “human” infrastructure pending legislation that will be of enormous value to the lives and welfare of those who generate modest incomes or who are mired in the basements of destitution.

For contained in this legislation is the requirement that the enormously profitable corporate behemoths among us as well as the miniscule realm of those who have amassed mammoth personal fortunes, provide in the name of of the imperative requirements which social equity imposes, increase their annual contributions to our federal treasury.

In addition to these activities those in the Libertarian coterie are anticipating a future in which a sufficient critical mass of states will find to their way to a majoritarian Republican status and thus permit them to summon a constitutional convention in order to effect those alterations of our current polity and the provisions inherent in its management, to permanently enshrine the legitimacy and legality of minority rule in the United States.

Should you doubt this possibility various representatives from the phalanx of organizations and institutes which this oligarchy funds convened in Utah during the summer for precisely this purpose, to prepare for the previously cited eventuality and thus to recommend specific revisions to our constitutional order that when ratified will accomplish their goals.

While those in the Democratic party squabble among themselves in the quest to hammer out a compromise which both moderates and progressives can ratify in areas relative to voting rights, climate change, decreasing massive inequalities among our populace, and increasing our resistance to cyber incursions from foreign powers and non state actors, and formulating various strategies to combat terrorism from sources both foreign and domestic, the sole preoccupation of their Republican colleagues is to engage in the culture wars which rage to sustain the incitement of the disaffected groups that comprise the Trumpian universe.

Their contribution to the resolution of the current exigencies with which we as a culture are contending, i.e. Covid 19, and the anti-vaccine constituency which in the name pf persona liberty refuses both to be inoculated against this deadly pathogen or be tested for its presence frequently, nor even to don masks to protect themselves from the devastating consequences which contracting this virus may precipitate is non-existent.

Beyond the specific components of their tactical forays to destabilize and dismember our cultural cohesiveness is the ultimate goal of engaging in a broad panoply of activities which will conclude in either a national consensus that democracy has become fatally deficient in equitably ordering the affairs of our citizen and must yield to an authoritarian paradigm, or a fascist construct of governance to provide the” rational” guidance our society requires to function.

Thus do we witness in pursuit of that eventuality the following table of endeavors; the assertion that pervasive voter fraud exists, that the powers of those officials charged with supervising our elections should be substantially curtailed, that in extreme cases of electoral “Irregularities” the determination of state legislatures should supersede the results an election has reflected.

In addition, those voices in our polity that advocate political overtures to mitigate inequality or societal inequities that diminish impoverishment, must be muted and hindered in their capability to revise or amend the current paradigm in which the priorities and preferences of our oligarchy remain ascendant.

Other substantive efforts to create chaos and disillusionment and despair derive from their support of the alt-right, white supremacists, and other domestic terrorist organizations who advocate anarchy and assert that violence is both permissible and imperative to retain the maintenance of our contemporary political system, that reveres in a horribly inaccurate nostalgic haze an American past that grievously omits the fundamental facts of a polity that was fatally flawed by such injustices as systemic racism, genocide, and grotesque maldistributions of wealth and political efficacy among our populace

Moreover, those efforts to create an historical record of our nation’s past as well as its current status which critical race theory and the treatment of the Native American communities among us are excoriated and banned, as exercises in a scholarship that erodes patriotism and corrupts the “reality” of an infinitely more benign recitation, that has since our founding been the sole curriculum that has been taught by those pedagogues in both our public schools and private academies.

Thus, it is through these political mechanisms, inactivity and indolence, stoking the fires of cultural warfare, frustrating the long suppressed and denied aspirations of the majority of our fellow citizens in their quest to secure a redress of their grievances, as well as the neglect of urgent requirements which the restoration of our physical and human infrastructure demands, that are provoking the conflagrations of cultural dissolution.

In associated exertions they ensure the appointment of jurists that will through their decisions perpetuate the reign of the plutocrats who reside at the apogee of the Forbes 400, and erode the body of existing judicial precedents that protect the crucial constitutional capabilities in the exercise of our citizens electoral preferences, and rescind all restrictions to contribute to the candidates and causes they cherish and support that had been previously imposed on corporations, PAC’s, and 501c4 non-profit organizations.

Thus, whether through terminal demoralization, insurrectionary impulse, or the adamant and unyielding refusal to address the legitimate and intensifying discontent that increasing numbers of our fellow citizens are expressing, the fervent hope in this the final chapter in their campaign to permanently disable the quintessential reality of our republic, by disabling the majoritarian volition our polity expresses, and in so doing precipitate the expiration of our democracy.

In each instance of the preceding litany of the organizations and individuals who are engaged in this effort one undeniable fact beyond all others links them indissolubly together, the critical reality that the financial resources and political advocacy for these endeavors has one ultimate source, the Libertarian oligarchy.

in the final analysis they are the architects of this campaign to officiate at the demise of our republic and to accomplish by this coup the substitution of a system of government whatever its precise form or content that will enshrine them in a posture of unchallengeable permanence, and thus sustain their capability to unceasingly acquire unrestricted financial assets and the political corollary to impose their values and preferences throughout our nation and in every corner of the globe.

In part two of this post which is imminent I shall explicate in substantial detail and extensive specificity the national activity which we at the Fund For An Equitable America are commencing to ensure the failure of the Libertarian oligarchy to accomplish the demise of our democratic polity by mounting a massive and unrelenting campaign to dismember the institutional components of those private sector structures from which their financial capabilities to fuel and sustain their exertions are derived.


The annual return of spring with its warmth and replenishing urges is most welcome. But what is even more greatly appreciated at this crucial moment in the history of our democracy is the companionate evolution of the restoration of our nation’s sanity.

We are emerging from a what has seemed to be an interminable period of frenzied and mesmerizing imprisonment in a mortal fever of self-destructiveness and decomposition.

In the course of this grievous affliction we inflicted on our body politic repeated wounds and stabbings on those core sensibilities of our national ethos of decency, respect for our fellow citizens, and the critical requirement to conduct our public dialogue in postures of mutual consideration and compassion.

We engaged in screeds of hate and insult, in perorations of abuse and condemnation, and vented our grievances and resentments in furious attacks on those who embraced other faiths and represented other racial identities.

Beyond the environment of social media where this malevolence was ceaselessly renewed with the dawn of each day, so too in reprehensible acts of physical violence and personal depredation on the streets and neighborhoods where we reside did this scenario occur.

However, in the wee hours of January 7th, in a solemn and resolute process of the rejection of chaos, domestic terrorism, and anarchy, did our Congress respond to its official obligations and proceed with the ratification of the results of our most recent electoral contest, and by so doing declared to our populace and those throughout the globe that the world’s most ancient and revered democratic polity though gravely damaged and momentarily incapacitated, had survived and remained viable .

It is from this moment forward that we have witnessed in the succeeding weeks and months the most devoutly to be wished recession of the pathology in which we have been imprisoned.

The diminution of the toxicity and the suicidal protocols in which our republic was mired is attributable to many factors, but perhaps most critically are two indispensable variables; the deprivation of the former president’s access to and perpetual deployment of the social media instruments of Twitter and Facebook, which served throughout the tenure of his administration as the mechanisms by which he would sustain the rage and prejudices of his base .

His unrelenting use of these capacities accomplished many objectives, i.e. the delegitimization of our democratic norms and institutions, the debasement and discrediting of the truth as an imperative element in public discourse, and the platforms by which he could convey the extraordinary attributes and talents with which he was endowed.

That we are no longer subjected to these daily installments of mendacity and self-adulation has permitted the atmosphere in which we exist to cleanse and thus diminish the toxic fumes and lethal poisons and pollutants that had cast such a suffocating and noxious pall throughout the nooks and crannies of our national consciousness.

The merciful silence which we are now enjoying by virtue of his almost complete absence from our airwaves (his occasional appearance on Fox news notwithstanding), would not be as significant as it is in some intrinsic regard if it did not coexist with the more important reality of the conduct of the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The contrast between these two personalities could not be more dramatically disparate. In this president humility resides at his epicenter. The truth is a sacred requirement in his communications with the American people, and his competency and experience in concert with the extensive skills and talents of his subordinates is apparent in all that he addresses.

With little fanfare and sparse public pronouncements he unceremoniously reduces the magnitude of the challenges that currently beset us regarding the pathogen of Covid -19 and its economic ramifications, and is reinvigorating those initiatives that constitute the critical imperative of reengaging with our allies in the continuous exertions to contain our adversaries and reinvigorate the capacities of democratic polities throughout the globe.

In addition, the efforts to mitigate the massive economic disparities which obtain in our nation, and the systemic racism with we still grapple as well as the necessity to refurbish our infrastructure and mitigate global warming are also at the epicenter of the agenda to which he is irrevocably committed.

Thus it is these two realities beyond all others that are stimulating the first hesitant appearances of a tentative return to a political atmosphere that may hopefully become more fully and vigorously rendered as our citizens enjoy the fruits and achievements of a presidential hegemony that though it reflects a traditional modus operandi, is in its content and scope more ambitious and enlightened that any paradigm that has been proposed since the new deal.

And as we harvest the magnanimous bounty which his term of office will produce, we shall continue to relegate to the wake of our collective memory the legacy of a president who because of his defects of character, psychological infirmities, and a total indifference to the protocols and practices of an ethical mode of commercial activity came within a hair’s breath of orchestrating the death of American democracy.


During his initial two weeks of activity the president has produced an unprecedented volume of executive orders, legislative proposals, and personnel selections, that in some cumulative regard have both substantively mitigated the acutely pernicious legacy of his predecessor, and reintroduced to the White House and our populace the rhythms and sophistication of a mode of governance that is competent and ethical in its tone and character.

Mr. president, I commend you for that most auspicious beginning and for what I am certain will be an entire term of office in which significant progressive goals shall be achieved that shall defeat the scourge of Covid-19 and reconstruct our emaciated economy, as well as accomplishing the implementation of initiatives to dislodge our republic from the grasp of systemic racism in which it has been imprisoned from the moment of its founding and rectify the grievous and profound inequities in which so many of our citizens are mired.

However, whatever the internal threats to the continuity of our federalist system the previous challenges pose in concert with the actions of those among us who have demonstrated a proclivity to engage in violent behavior to attain their political objectives, pale before the unceasing depredations of our adversaries in such foreign capitals as Moscow, Beijing, and Teheran.

These authoritarian regimes have invoked and sustained a multi-tiered and multi-decade dynamic which seeks as its ultimate objective the incapacitation of our capabilities as a viable society, and thus dramatically reduce if not eliminate our abilities to confront and defeat their fervent aspirations to ascend to the pinnacle of global domination.

At the epicenter of these exertions is the comprehensive and relentless campaign to reign supreme in the realm of cyberspace. The strategic directives they implement in this quest are both offensive and defensive in character. The offensive dimensions reflects the unimpeded pursuit of constructing those systems and technological processes and protocols that will achieve their dominance in this sphere. The defensive agenda is embodied in the uninterrupted sequence of onslaughts which they launch to invalidate and corrupt the digital infrastructure of virtually every major component that is currently operational in our nation.

Whether the particular intrusion is secreted in the hardware of these configurations, or the software which provides the coherence and intelligence of these potent technologies, or the codes which furnish the instructions required to perform the function these products were designed to accomplish, or in what comprises the limitless resources within the realm of the digital environment from which potential intrusions and disruptions may emanate, you may be assured that these activities will be augmented in both the scope and intensity their aggressive overtures reflect.

These deplorable and corrosive realities which if unchecked will augur an American future in which in postures of paralysis and utter impotence we shall become incapable of responding to potential threats that are existential in their import, and as a result we shall cease to be a functioning polity; demands a response that in its breadth and depth is unprecedented.

The mandate which this cyberspace “Czar” who shall serve as a senior advisor to the president must discharge four imperative responsibilities. The initial task is to assemble a Board of Advisors that includes representatives from every major segment of this nation’s populace, including at its epicenter the CEO’s of our technology sector, and their counterparts within the private sector that include substantial public companies and significant financial institutions, all agencies within the federal government, and officials from state and local governmental associations, as well as representatives from educational institutions and health-care organizations, and designates from the voluntary community and those groups that are engaged in the arts and cultural worlds of activity.

The second critical duty is the herculean effort to supervise the formulation of those diagnostic tools to conduct a the mammoth chore of evaluating our national technology grid to determine its current status with particular regard to its susceptibility/imperviousness to potential acts of aggression that seek to interdict its operational effectiveness or induce its total malfunction.

Should the urgency of completing this evaluation preclude the use of this mode of assessment to definitively determine the impregnability/vulnerability of these systems to disruption, it may be preferable to presume that those elements that are deemed crucial to the operation of our national digital universe have been penetrated or are susceptible to incapacitation, and instead immediately commence the fabrication of the replication of these systems utilizing exclusively those components that are manufactured within the U.S. under the most exacting and stringent national security requirements and provisions.

Moreover, in the manner most appropriate beyond the reproduction of these technological capabilities, a limited application of the practice of redundancy which was invaluable as a core principle that guided NASA’s philosophy to protect astronauts who participated in manned space flights should be evaluated as to its relevance/necessity to respond to future contingencies that may arise from circumstances should various critical elements of this digital environment fail to function or succumb to other destructive external influences.

Integral to this exploration must a determination of the current adequacy of those manufacturing facilities within the U.S. to produce the requisite elements of these systems, as well as whatever additional increments to our national community of engineers, software developers, coding specialists, or other critical skills upon which accomplishing this goal will be dependent, and subsequent to those decisions engage in the imperative discussions with universities and various training centers, to coordinate the most rapid augmentation of their capacities to educate and train the requisite labor force for this endeavor.

The third task which this entity must address in a simultaneous chronology is the creation of a mechanism whose perpetual responsibilities will be to construct and maintain those continuously evolving defensive measures to ensure that these systems will perform in postures of maximum efficacy during their operational lifespan and remain totally impervious to the attempts of nefarious actors to diminish these capabilities or their functional effectiveness due to exposure to viruses or such other attempts to impair their effective operation that various modes of malware might precipitate.

The final task this body must be responsive to is the requirement to mount and sustain a comprehensive arsenal of offensive cyberspace weapons that is incomparable in its effectiveness and lethality which targets the entirety of the digital universe of which are adversaries are composed.

By creating this senior advisory position and to the president and implementing the agenda we illuminated we shall be summoning however belatedly all crucial sectors of our nation and the extraordinary gamut of resources they represent, to both ensure the continued viability of our digital environment and by so doing preserve the integrity and future of our federalist system and the invaluable political precepts we currently embody, and a future that will harvest the initiatives which this administration is introducing to secure a more perfect union.

*Our relationships with our allies

**Responding to equity considerations

***The imperative requirements which our technology behemoths must fufill

****A previous digital challenge and the model that emerged

*To the greatest extent possible those manufacturing/training/defensive/offensive activities which this mandate demands should include the most intimate coordination with our allies to the maximum degree possible. that does not imperil those aspects of the process and protocols which must fall under the primary umbrella of national security restrictions.

**To the greatest extent possible the preceding agenda which should serve a concurrent social imperative, i.e. ameliorating those inequities among various subsets of our citizenry and be located within areas of the nation in which these minorities are substantial e.g. the African-American community, areas in which substantial aggregations of Hispanics reside, as well as those rural areas in which globalization has created pronounced economic deprivation among the principally middle-age cohort of Caucasians.

***The central requirement to significantly curtail the presence of various technology behemoths and their manufacturing operations in foreign lands to ensure the integrity of our national digital super-structure may negatively impact both their revenue streams and magnitude of profitability. As a result to compensate for these negative financial impacts a federal financial infusion may be necessary to indemnify these companies and thus minimize their inimical fiscal influences. However, in the final analysis the senior executives of these commercial enterprises must elevate their concern and commitment to our nation’s welfare above their unceasing pursuit and insatiable acquisition of monetary assets.

****In some partial regard the extensive activities which numerous actors in both the private sector and within government initiated to avert the potential catastrophe that various experts predicted would befall our nation as the result of the Y2K eventuality, may serve as a prototype for the mammoth mobilization that is currently required. However, when we were contending with this menace as the new millennium loomed, both the dimensions of our technology footprint were a mere fragment of current of its current proportions, and the complexity of contemporary systems within the digital universe has increased exponentially. The most accurate description of what must be undertaken at this moment in terms of its critical nature and the disaster that would befall us as a nation should we fail is the “Manhattan Project” of WWII, which produced the Atomic Bomb and secured our victory in the Pacific.

Liberating our democracy from the enslavement which our oligarchy has imposed

On this day, shortly after noon, rationality and compassion will return to the Oval office. So too will strategic coherence, intellectual acuity, and incisive political analysis be restored to those hallowed environs.

That we have escaped the most horrendous devastation that might have been inflicted on our nation at the hands of Donald Trump and his Republican cohorts, and the rampaging populist mobs of White Supremacists who wrought such havoc on our seat of national governance, is a most meager comfort when we survey the extensive and barely reparable damage which our departing Chief Executive has left in the wake of his tenure.

To recount the content and intrinsic character of the legacy he has bequeathed to us is to convey an administration which contravened every canon of decency, and reverence for our institutions and norms, and reflected a magnitude of corruption and cruelty that was unprecedented in the annals of those who comprised the previous occupants of this office.

However, he was not the architect of those macro-cultural realities which catapulted him into a period of legitimate residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2016, though he was its most lavishly rewarded beneficiary of the forces and currents that were sweeping across our land at that moment.

The rage and divisiveness among our populace which fueled his ascendancy has been created and nurtured for more than half a century by those billionaires who have waged an unrelenting campaign to reduce all elements of our federalist system to postures of servile subservience.

For it is in this status of servitude that the political institutions of our republic will be continuingly responsive to their twin agenda priorities of the unrestricted accumulation of wealth, and the rejection of those majoritarian democratic demands that these individuals must be required to annually remit to the federal government those sums that reflect the inherent equity which a progressive system of taxation reflects.

To acquire a more comprehensive and definitive awareness of the activities in which these plutocrats have been engaged I would commend the reader to a review of my most recent previous post on this website, “The Colossal and Enraging Hypocrisy of Charles Koch”, who has been the embodiment and most ferocious practitioner of the coterie who have orchestrated and funded the multi-decade endeavor to eviscerate our democracy.

Though he stands at the apogee of this consortium of extreme Libertarians his accomplices in these exertions are other plutocrats who derive their affluence from the operation of gambling casinos, the management of private equity firms, i.e. hedge funds, and from the profits which public companies engaged in investment banking and commercial financial practices derive., as well as multi-national entities embroiled in other areas of mercantile participation.

They employ thousands of lobbyists whose continuing presence in the nation’s capitol and in other major cities and state capitols, to safeguard their mammoth assets and quell any legislative or policy initiatives which are inimical to their sphere of influence and affluence and the unfettered operation of the commercial activities in which the corporations they control are engaged.

It is this miniscule community many of whom appear on the annual Forbes Magazine list of the 400 wealthiest Americans who bear the ultimate responsibility for the contemporary tragedy of a nation on the brink of civil conflict and in the incipient phase of a process of dissolution which if successful will witness the death of the worlds most ancient and revered democratic polity.

However, in this moment of peril to our nation that is lamentably so reminiscent of the era in which our Civil War unfolded, we at the Fund For An Equitable America are not content to stand idly by and allow this mortal threat to the maintenance of our democracy remain unopposed .

As a result at the very same moment at noon today the 20th of January, 2021 when Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris commence the inception of a momentous and extraordinarily challenging term of service to our republic, we at our organization will be implementing our campaign to consign to the realm of political impotence those entities who have so gravely incapacitated our nation’s democratic process and by so doing have contributed so substantially to the inequality, poverty, and the climate of discord and acrimony in which we are currently engulfed.

We shall identify those individuals and institutions and organizations that have functioned as major components in these unceasing exertions to cripple our democracy, the instruments they utilize for these purposes, the policies and programs they advocate in support of their agendas, the magnitude of their financial contributions to various individuals and groups, and the entirety of those business empires they control as well as those products and services they provide to the American public.

In a related and unrelenting course of administrative activity we shall provide the fruits of our research to every group, organization, entity, and individual, that comprises the contemporary coalition of progressive voices in our society, to stimulate an ever increasing universe of our citizens who shall initiate and sustain a total boycott of the commercial enterprises from which these oligarchs derive the financial resources to underwrite their nefarious activities.

So too shall we illuminate those operational practices and policies within these entities that violate regulatory prohibitions, or contravene the law be it federal, state, or local in character, and /or engage in manufacturing processes that negatively impact our environment, as well as those measures that are inimical to the health and safety and financial viability of their employees.

In the course of the recently concluded national plebiscite among the most effective and impactful endeavors to illuminate the corruption, incompetence and cupidity of Donald Trump was the deployment of the media as the instrument to most dramatically convey and communicate the preceding intrinsic nature of the president and the disgraceful record he had compiled during his term of office, by the Lincoln Project, a group of Republican officials and operatives who viewed a second term in office by this Commander-in-Chief as a mortal threat to the maintenance of our republic.

It is our intent at the epicenter of our continuous agenda of activities to utilize this modality beyond all others to convey to our fellow citizens that which we discover about these organic and institutional entities and the total spectrum of their involvements and allocation of resources and most importantly the specific inimical results their initiatives produce as they maintain their campaign to emaciate our democracy.

It is our belief that an American oligarchy that has wrought so much suffering and misery to so many of our fellow citizens since the inception of the Reagan hegemony beneath the banner of neoliberalism, poses an equally lethal challenge to a democratic dynamic that has currently been reduced to a status in which its vibrancy and capacity to respond to those wishes of a majority of our populace so desperately desire to become a reality, is unceasingly thwarted by those whose wealth and influence are unremittingly opposed to the realization of these proposals.

The rational and beneficial goals which animate the majority of our fellow Americans, relate to a federal minimum wage that permits an exit from poverty, a national program to restore our crumbling infrastructure, the reform of a criminal justice dynamic that will extinguish the systemic racism that has plagued our nation from its inception. a health care system in which all of our citizens are automatically enrolled .

In addition they seek the vast improvement of public educational institutions that are currently so deficient in the performance of their mandates, the implementation of a national initiative to eradicate poverty in this the world’s most prosperous polity, and those legislative reforms that will require of the billionaires and the public and private commercial enterprises they control to significantly increase their annual financial contributions to our federal treasury that will provide the monetary capacity of our government to accomplish the activities to which I have previously alluded.

As the weeks and months unfold and our efforts become more vigorous and continuously enlarge the realm of those individuals and organizations who are committed to the restoration of a vibrant federalist system of democracy, the individuals who comprise this class of oligarchs will be confronted with the stark reality in which the abrogation of our commercial relationships with the companies under their dominion experience reduced revenues and sink into a non-profitable status.

At those critical moments they will either chose to suspend their anti-democratic agendas, and embrace those actions, initiatives, and proposals that reinvigorate our democratic polity, or remain committed to their malignant political intentions and sink beneath the waves of an irrecoverable state of fiscal bankruptcy, that will mirror the moral bankruptcy to which they have descended since their exertions to incapacitate our democracy were instituted.

Let us begin on this day in which a new administration ascends to power a fervent and ferocious companionate activity that seeks an American future in which social and economic justice is an ascendant and enduring reality.


From his insulated perch as the Chairman and CEO of Koch Industries which is situated in our nation’s heartland, Charles Koch has waged a half-century campaign to eviscerate American democracy.

Utilizing a structure of interlocking institutions and organizations he has expended enormous energy and infused massive sums to accomplish throughout all elements of our federalist system, a governmental reality which in a posture of emaciated servility is responsive to the dictates of the miniscule coterie of billionaires who are members of the contemporary domestic oligarchy.

At the epicenter of the ideological doctrines he embraces with a ferocious and monomaniacal fervor is the crucial object of ensuring that those who reside at the apogee of our economy may continue to enjoy the prerogatives they have formulated and imposed since the hegemony of Ronald Reagan, in which their capabilities to unceasingly accumulate wealth remains unrestricted.

So too do they seek with equal intensity that the neoliberal ethos they so revere remains the dominant cultural dynamic in its continuing quest to restrict the popular sovereignty of the majority of our citizens to impact those decisions which are implemented at all levels of government, and to continue to reduce all aspects of our republic’s life and consciousness to economic calculations and values and by so doing elevate the market and its insatiable appetite for growth and profitability to a position of supremacy in our national proscenium and demand that all societal components among us serve its operational imperatives.

To thwart and impede the will of the majority and thus preserve their privileges and obscene affluence Charles Koch mounted unceasing assaults on every pillar in this society that sought to augment and perpetuate such historical normative principles as distributive justice, the various concepts of government’s historical collective obligations to its citizens, equality and opportunity and the institutional configurations that would serve those interests optimally, as well as those constitutional initiatives which would remediate enduring injustices embedded within the fabric of our polity.

In the course of his five-decade endeavor he funneled billions of dollars into center and institutes and political organizations that disseminated ultra-conservative principles and extreme libertarian precepts, none more fervid that the Federalist Society, that ultimately resulted in the appointment of jurists within the federal judiciary, and most notably as members of the Supreme Court, and within state court systems of those whose decisions further expanded the realm of corporate dominion and enrichment and circumscribed the rights of citizens both individually and collectively.

His activities extended to state houses and legislatures as well. Those governors and legislators who were the recipients of his campaign contributions instituted the required protocols to gerrymander congressional districts and engaged in practices designed to succeed in voter suppression to restrict the ballots that their minority constituents might cast to install those officials who would be responsive to agendas that were hostile to the interests of the oligarchs.

Within the halls of Congress majorities comprised of principally Republican representatives ensured the continuous diminution of the tax obligations to which both corporations and the 1% were subject, resulting in the transfer to our nation’s middle class of a significant expansion of their required contributions to our federal treasury and to the coffers of state governments as well.

To exacerbate the enmities and acrimony that existed among elements of our populace he allocated significant financial resources to the Tea Party and other groups that aggravated the magnitude and intensity of those quarrels by contributing to those entities that opposed immigration reform, the retention of Roe v Wade, as well as those who maintained their implacable opposition to such rights to legally marry and be protected from discrimination in the workplace which the LQBTQ community so avidly sought to be formally enshrined as established precedents in our legal system.

On various university campuses he provided the funds to establish institutes and programs which advocated positions in defense of extreme liberty and a curriculum that endorsed the normative frame of reference within “public choice” economic theory in which individuals are defined as capital and the obligations to the nation’s collective welfare which the federal government assumed during the tenure of FDR and was extensively augment by subsequent administrations were dissolved and the responsibilities for their welfare and viability were devolved to the individual. Thus was the amoral content of a Neo-Darwinian ethic resurrected.

In some extraordinarily tragic regard the cumulative result of this fifty year multi-faceted undertaking has succeeded in the grievous diminishment of a republican polity, its substantial deficiencies and extensive imperfections notwithstanding into a subservient federalist system that retains but the frailest resemblance to a vibrant and salubrious democracy.

At this moment all that remains of the most ancient and revered global experiment in democratic practices is the fraudulent imagery of a society in which the decisions and determinations of our political institutions and procedures reflect not the majoritarian preferences of our citizens but the dictates of a domestic ruling clique.

With the exception of the intermittent exercise of our individual franchise all macro-political and economic realities in which we currently exist reflect an environment and atmosphere that has been created and sustained by Charles Koch and his accomplices.

Thus was I astounded to discover in a recent pronouncement that was published in the Wall Street Journal that as he gazes from his rarefied precipice at the contemporary cultural landscape of imminent fratricide and ferocious mutual recrimination that he beyond all others is responsible for orchestrating , did Charles Koch utter the words, “What a mess.”

Moreover, he further stated that from this moment forward he wishes to become involved in constructive efforts to alleviate poverty and homelessness and other social pathologies that currently afflict us which he has done so much to enlarge and intensify until this day.

What one wonders is the precipitating dynamic that prompted these pronouncements? Could it be that at the age of eighty-five he is sensing the looming proximity of his life’s conclusion? Might it be that he has finally been unnerved and profoundly disturbed by the enmities and rancor that are extant among so many of our citizens toward one another, as well as the pervasive despondency and pessimism which the hegemony of Donald Trump has provoked and augmented? Or could it be that he is stunned by the magnitude of misery and suffering his exertions have produced in the lives of millions of our fellow Americans?

Perhaps the victory of Joe Biden which a Herculean national effort required has persuaded him that now is the moment to join with the progressive force in our nation and commence the virtually impossible task of rehabilitating his reputation and humanity , given the incalculable he has inflicted on our country and its democratic institutions which those who have observed his behavior since the inception of his endeavor decades ago have speculated was his ultimate objective; to extinguish our democracy, certainly there were those in his orbit who publicly proclaimed that might be required in the service of liberty’s retention.

In the months and year which remain in this the final chapter of his life, we will discover whether his sentiments of regret and contrition are sincere and whether in a posture of activist remorse he initiates the reparative overtures required to accomplish a status of redemption in which it may legitimately contented that he is worthy of redemption and that the empirical record he has compiled in the pursuit of that objective warrants that designation.

However, in order for that to eventuate he must commit to a trinity of non-negotiable obligations; the first is to cease all contributions to the organizations he has historically supported that maintained their agendas of nefarious and malignant activities.

Secondly, he must allocate the identical magnitude of financial resources he previously apportioned to the force of social decomposition, to those entities who currently seek the reinvigoration of our democracy as well as those groups that are dedicated to both the dramatic decline in the massive financial inequities that exist within this nation, and the ultimate eradication of the destitute material circumstances which imprison more than fifty million of our fellow Americans.

Finally, he must ensure that these efforts will continue when he has spun off the mortal coil by including instructions to those who shall benefit from his largesse that the duration of their commitment must mirror the length of time which he devoted to his unstinting and implacable involvements to emasculate our polity, and in addition that he will devote his energies from this moment forward to acting as an emissary to those who comprise his fellow oligarchs and urge them to discontinue the provision of their exertions and their monetary support to those prospectively lethal and inimical causes that have so eroded our constitutional foundations.

To assert that we as a nation have escaped d possible draconian future in which Donald Trump might have secured an extension of his presidential tenure which might very well have sounded the death knell of our republic cannot be dismissed. It is most assuredly within the realm of probability that we would have witnessed the literal demise of our federalist system and the inception of a robust autocratic protocol or the imposition of a blatantly fascist government during his reign.

Though he is not exclusively culpable for the preceding possibility we have mercifully avoided he is as responsible as any single individual for those unrelenting and multi-decade assaults and depredations upon the normative predicates of this nations that have so effectively undermined both the expression and impact of popular sovereignty and the undeniable fact of our government’s current status which is one of indentured servitude to the will and whims of our class of putocrats.

I shall observe with a considerable interest and an undivided attention those unfolding events that are reflected in his personal schedule of activities as to whether the recent pronouncements of Charles Koch were enunciated in posture of sincere repentance or whether this is a hollow opportunistic exercise to convert the sincere and richly deserved opprobrium that so many justifiably harbor toward him for a lifetime of despicable conduct and reprehensible behavior, into a rehabilitated public image that contains no authentic moral content.


To: President-Elect Joe Biden

From: Bernard S. Gluckstern, Chairman, The Fund For An Equitable America

Subject: A Presidential Commission To Enhance Our National Unity

Date: November 9th, 2020

My heartiest congratulations on the unprecedented magnitude of your victory in a truly existential struggle to capture the presidency of our nation and by so doing rescue the soul of this republic from the malevolent and ultimately lethal clutches of your predecessor.

The challenges which await your attention are numerous, complex, and of the utmost severity, none more of course then the imperative requirement to immediately implement a national initiative to address the mitigation of the scourge of Covid-19, with all its public health ramifications and the attendant misery of an economic character that has been inflicted on our populace as the result of Donald Trump’s incompetence and indifference to the devastation and death which the uncontained trajectory of this pandemic has wrought.

So too must you act swiftly to repair the substantive damage of which he was the architect to the crucial relationships of our traditional alliances which are languishing in a state of erosion and decomposition, to restore the security and efficacy to the international order which our stewardship has provided for more than three-quarters of a century, from which all democracies who comprise these institutional entities benefit so significantly.

However, beyond the immediacy and critical nature of the preceding agenda items on which you must focus your political acumen and energies during the initial months of your presidential tenure, does their loom the tragic reality of a nation that is immersed in a state of mutual enmity, bitterness, and acrimony, that has attained a rancor and volatility that has not been in evidence since the extraordinary contentiousness that was extant in this polity immediately prior to the commencement of the Civil War.

Though it is my hope and presumption that we are not at this moment in a circumstance in which the civil unrest and escalating tensions that are simmering in various segments of our citizenry, will erupt in extensive violent outbursts or armed conflict, the possibilities and prospects that these events will become a reality in our imminent future cannot be dismissed.

That you have continuously conveyed your interest to govern as our nation’s chief executive in the service of all who reside among us irrespective of their political preferences or allegiances, whether they cast their ballots to enhance your prospects or that of your opponents , and I repose complete trust in your sincerity and your commitment to this principle, as well as your exhortations that we must as a nation renew our secular covenant as an imperative necessity to reinvigorate the fundamental precept of “E Pluribus Unum”, “Out of many, One” , the toxicity and and unrestrained disgust with which so many of our fellow Americans view those who embrace values or priorities with which they are in such intense disagreement , and as a result categorize these individuals as enemies to be defeated and obliterated, demands a response that transcends the rhetoric of reconciliation and the promises of your administration’s intent to govern in a manner in which the interests of all are considered.

What I am proposing Mr. President-Elect is that you devote a portion of the transition period as it unfolds between the termination of Donald Trump’s presidency and the initiation of your term of office to create a Presidential CommissionTo Enhance National Unity, that will be unveiled at the inception of your tneure as the 46th president of the United States.

The commission should be structured in the bi-partisan manner in which identical undertakings were composed,. Its membership should include those who represent every constituency of our nation, former members of Congress, rural and urban residents from all ethnic groups, corporate and nonprofit officials , members of the LGBTQ universe, retired military personnel, educators and public health practitioners, and so many others whose voices have been ignored or whose concerns have been previously rejected or dismissed.

The primary focus of the meetings, discussions, and hearings which occur beneath the aegis of this body should address a host of concerns ; to identify those factors and variables that those who comprise these groups assert are responsible for the enmity and discord that currently exists in our nation; as well as the recommendations these individuals are advocating that from are required in terms of policy or program initiatives , judicial actions, or other efforts from other segments of our society that would diminish the contemporary fratricide we are witnessing.

So too should you proffer the commitment of your administration to all who engage in this activity and every resident of this polity, that at the culmination of this process you will provide both a comprehensive report to the American people which these proceedings have unearthed and identified, and most importantly as the result of the content that has been illuminated you shall present to the nation a substantive and fully rendered structure of recommendations , proposals, etc. that subject to the approval of a majority of our populace you will devote the entirety of the resources of your administration to implement.

Whether the deployment is accomplished via executive order, legislative proposals, in concert with any or all relevant political officials within the federalist system, i.e. Governors, Mayors, county officials, regional bodies, as the instrumentalities to fully implement these recommendations, you will not shrink from the challenges inherent in this approach to succeed in this most audacious endeavor.

Moreover, certain aspects of these initiatives may require the participation of various associations, or segments of the nonprofit and philanthropic communities, the media both print and electronic, as well as the behemoths that comprise the social media realm. Whatever efforts are necessary to achieve the desired result are what should dictate the tactical and strategic exertions that animate this endeavor.

The document that appears on the commission’s website should contain three elements; a summary of the principal findings regarding sources of disunity, and a compendium of the primary grievances enunciated,; and those substantive recommendations advocated by various participants to remediate these cultural circumstances ; as well as any other significant perspectives or analyses that provide an augmented comprehension of these forces and influences and their prospective amelioration.

However, beyond the preceding content the most critical document that should be displayed at the epicenter of the published content, is the actual plan which the Commission is submitting for formal consideration by the American electorate, e.g. “The Strategic Initiative To Enhance National Unity,” which shall delineate that which the Commission is advocating, the costs of these agenda items, and the political and chronological aspects of this protocol’s adoption, and all other relevant considerations.

In concert with the publication of these materials public service announcements should be reiterated on all media outlets that encourage our citizens to review the information contained therein and most importantly to provide their responses to this prospective undertaking by indicating their approval, disapproval, or particular concerns or requests for revisions or alterations of various portions that have been promulgated.

The final editing process should incorporate those revisions which a majority of respondents have requested and when resubmitted to the nation this strategic paradigm must obtain the support of a majority of those citizens who participated in this process to permit the administration to commence those activities its implementation presupposes.

Though a citizens involvement in this process will not require them to reveal their identity, our hope is that they would provide ( on an optional basis) their state of residence and their party affiliation. This information will be relevant when engaging with congressional representatives to demonstrate that among the majority of those respondents who support this proposal there are constituents from both parties who reside in the states they represent.

That this undertaking will be arduous, acrimonious, and frequently unpleasant and strain to the utmost our collective patience and forbearance, is certain to be the reality. However, it shall also serve the crucial purpose of providing a catharsis, and will ultimately enable us in postures of empathy and compassion to appreciate the importance of those tenets and normative presumptions to which those in other portions of our society cling so tenaciously, to provide both coherence to their lives and to so centrally shape their persona l identities.

What we shall derive from these dialogues and interactions will be the expansion of our individual capacities to both comprehend and appreciate the validity of competing interpretations of social and political reality, and as a result reduce our antipathies and concomitant derogation of the ideologies they embrace and the secular or religious protocols that animate their lives and their beliefs.

One final observation, President-Elect Biden, the joy with which I have greeted the result of this election as it relates to your imminent ascension to the presidency cannot be overstated. You will restore our nation to an uninterrupted state of truth, tranquility, and rationality, of which we have been so grievously deprived by your predecessor. I wish you enormous success in your efforts to restore our democracy.

The crucial reconciliation that the preservation of our nation demands

As the final days expire that separates our electorate from the ultimate determination of who shall lead this republic forward in its continuing journey and in its immediate aftermath, it is our considered judgement that the maintenance of our viability as a democracy is in imminent peril and in the absence of a concerted and collective protocol to which we must all unreservedly commit and implement, our federalist system may founder on the shoals of a ferocious partisanship and in postures of rage and mutual recrimination we may witness the violent implosion of our constitutional order.

All of us are culpable in some partial regard for the enmity and divisiveness that is intensifying throughout our polity. None are exempt. To those who view the American experiment as unsullied and exemplary in every aspect of the historical record we have compiled, I respectfully suggest that though much of our global activity has contributed to the stability and welfare of democracies throughout the world , it must also acknowledge the shameful facts of the involuntary servitude of those who were forcibly abducted from African nations, and the displacement and cultural dismemberment of those Native Americans who resided on this continent prior to our arrival.

Moreover, though capitalism has produced unprecedented material well being for many among us, substantial numbers of our fellow citizens have been consigned to financial circumstances of precarious fragility and prisons of destitution, often as the result of the legacies of discrimination and exclusion that we have as a culture yet to rectify.

Many in the Republican party frequently appear to be attentive to the priorities of those who comprise our corporate elites who conduct their business affairs on Wall Street and within the confines of the Silicon Valley, that have resulted in the exacerbation of the mammoth financial inequities that are extant among the various quintiles of our citizens, and the non-existence of those comprehensive strategic initiatives to diminish if not eradicate poverty in our nation.

In addition, among those who sit at the apogee of the Democratic party are officials who have intermittently joined with their colleagues across the aisle and supported legislation that benefited our class of oligarchs and their monetary objectives. So too have they frequently presumed that those in the middle-class and in penurious circumstances had no other electoral option but to cast their ballots for the retention of their extended longevity in the Congress, and either ignored the imperative requirements their constituents were urgently importuning or provided policy and programmatic responses that were anemic or minimally ameliorative.

To those who comprise our professional elites and other inhabitants of our upper-middle class to whom in concert with the 1% of our citizenry much of the wealth has been redistributed, from both the middle-class and poor in our societal hierarchy, your dismissal and derogation of our fellow citizens in principally rural environments who were denied the opportunities to acquire collegiate educations and derive their income from labor that is frequently dangerous and exhausting is appalling.

Moreover, their plight has been compounded by their status as casualties of globalization and as a result they have experienced the grievous unraveling of those institutions which provided meaning and coherence in their lives. Your rejection of their intrinsic worth has provoked in these Americans a rage and desire for retaliation that fuels so much of their populist fervor and unremitting hatred for those who occupy positions of influence in our culture.

In the event that Joe Biden and democrats in the Senate achieve victory on the 3d of November and assume control of that chamber, and in concert with a majority of their fellows in the House of Representatives accomplish the political capability to enact the legislative program and deploy those executive initiatives that they so desperately wish to translate into reality, the single most urgent task which must be addressed is to extend to ALL those among us who are dispossessed and disadvantaged, a sacred pledge to reintegrate them into the center of our society.

We must also proffer this promise to those who live in gnawing economic insecurity and those who suffer from unrelenting material deprivation, to African-Americans and Caucasians, to Latino and Asian populations , to those in the LGBTQ, and Immigrant segments of our populace, to Jews and Christians and Muslims and the members of all other faiths as well. So too must we include those who do not embrace any theology.

The crucial message that his presidency and the Congress that convenes in the winter of 2021 must convey is the accomplishment of the reunification of our democracy, in which every constituency that has previously been ignored or rejected shall be heard, and most importantly that the appropriate and sufficient responses to these pleas shall be forthcoming in a programmatic context that is replete with the financial resources to fully render initiatives operational.

if we are to remain politically solvent and socially intact we must cease viewing those with whom we disagree as enemies; we must dispense with categorizing every conflict and dispute as endeavors which must be crowned in victory if our nation is to survive; and we must acknowledge that the entirety of that which is valid and contains elements of the truth and the total reality we seek to apprehend can be found not only on CNN and in The New York Times, but also appears in The Wall Street Journal and on Fox News.

At this critical juncture of our life as a nation unless the preceding actions that are demanded of all of us are invoked and become the empirical reality of our daily life, we shall be subjected as a civilization to the horrific and terrifying existential disintegration of the world’s most ancient democratic system.

The choice is ours and nothing less than either a re-commitment to civility, mutual respect, and a tolerance for appreciating the importance and relevance of those who embrace dissimilar values and priorities will suffice, or a descent into chaos and oblivion from which the resurrection of our republic will be impossible, and the incalculable regret and profound sorrow should that be the fate which awaits us will be a tragedy which no words can adequately describe.


In a scant two month period the populace of this nation shall consign to a posture of political irrelevance the current president, who by any standard of evaluation by which his administration may be measured has inflicted unprecedented structural damage to our federalist system of government and the norms and customary practices by which the previous occupants of this office have deployed in the conduct of their administrative hegemonies.

Though we may be subjected in a post-Trump era to his rants, bloviations, and a ceaseless stream of incoherent prattle that will emanate on a daily basis from Trump TV, a network he shall establish immediately subsequent to his ignominious departure from the White House, he will be bereft of the legitimate constitutional authority he wielded as our nation’s chief executive, and thus other than his capacity to incite rage and sow divisiveness amongst elements of our citizenry , he will become to much of our fellows a feckless caricature and a continuous source of both comedic derision and incisive satire that is richly deserved.

However, It is my intent to devote not one additional comment or assessment beyond the preceding to this amoral and corrupt narcissist. I shall leave to the historians their comprehensive verdict of his tenure as our 45th president.

What in my view is required at this juncture presuming Vice-President Biden handily dispatches his opponent in a tsunami of ballots that emanate from the enraged and dispossessed among us, who in addition enlarge the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and install in the Senate as well a preponderance of senators who proudly claim membership in his political party. the possibilities that will be presented to this president will truly be historic and must be fully utilized to accomplish an agenda that is therapeutic, audacious, and multi-dimensional.

President Biden, your hegemony must be viewed as the crucial opportunity to both restore our institutions, rehabilitate our relationships with our allies, resurrect a strategic coherence and rational muscularity in our interactions with our adversaries, and perhaps most importantly create those unprecedent mechanisms within the White House to both substantially mitigate the financial inequities in our republic and implement those policies and programs which have as their objective the ultimate eradication of poverty in our society.

The instrumentalities, structures, processes, and protocols, to achieve much of the preceding spectrum of these goals currently exist or may should you choose to reactivate various elements of those bodies and councils which were of such inestimable value during your service in the Obama administration, can be resuscitated for those purposes., beneath your imprimatur.

However, what I am strenuously advocating is the establishment of a uniquely critical entity as the instrumentality that is charged with the responsibility to both mitigate those massive and obscene financial inequalities that are extant, as well as the fabrication of the multi-year strategic paradigm that will abolish the impoverishment of the more than 50 million among us whose lives are bereft of both material sufficiency and suffused in hopelessness and despair.

Rather than the traditional body that is concerned with related issues that reflect our nation’s current economic circumstances, i.e. The President’s Council of Economic Advisors, that is fundamentally indifferent to the concerns of inequity and poverty in its deliberations, I am advocating instead that you create The President’s Council For An Equitable Economy, which places these twin considerations and their realization at the epicenter of all that this body exists to confront and accomplish.

Beyond the formulation of those initiatives, paradigms, and strategies, as well as those tactical political considerations that are imperative in a posture of pragmatic interactions required to obtain the requisite legislative support for these proposals in the Congress, and throughout the extensive architecture of the entire federal bureaucracy, must their be allocated substantial intellectual resources to ensure that those regressive components of our nation’s oligarchy particularly within the realm of both major public financial institutions and their counterparts in the private equity sector such as hedge funds and other entities that comprise the shadow economy, who will mount unceasing attempts to thwart and oppose the implementation of those initiatives and reforms you are advocating, will be politically defeated and neutralized.

Your hegemony must reinvigorate both the efficacy of our political ethos and our constitutional legacy and the institutions that translate those normative principles into being,.

Moreover, it must also seize this moment beyond healing our divisions and revitalizing a national dialogue that is civil and mutually respectful, to act as the agent that repairs the horrific wounds to our body politic for which forty years of a neoliberal ideology has been responsible.

Among the most grievous consequences this normative perspective has inflicted are the tens of millions of casualties who have during this period been consigned to impoverishment and discarded as entities that are both devoid of any intrinsic value or respect and are culturally irrelevant, as well as other groups among us who have remained historically excluded from the fulfillment of those commitments enunciated by our founding fathers because of their race or ethnicity.

Let it be recorded in the annals of our republic that the presidency of Joe Biden was responsible for the recapitulation of a vibrant and salubrious democracy, but so too did he through the audacity and creativity of his edicts and programmatic initiatives usher in an unprecedented era in which an equitable America was created and social justice became the ascendant reality that we as a people have been seeking to actualize since the moment almost two and a half centuries ago when our formal existence was proclaimed during a sweltering summer in Philadelphia.

*When the Biden era commences in approximately six months from this date it is of the utmost importance that an agenda and chronology that the President’s Council For An Equitable Economy embodies be immediately implemented. Thus what I am strenuously advocating is that the the requisite intellectual efforts to construct this paradigm and the political strategies to guarantee its adoption must be initiated immediately.

** The principal sources that are relevant to this endeavor is the model I have formulated beneath the umbrella of The Fund For An Equitable America, and the scholarship which has been created by those who labor within the confines of the Democracy Collaborative. In addition the proposals crafted by the Center For Economic and Social Justice would accomplish these twin objectives and beyond those achievements would more broadly transform both our economy and the furthest reaches of our culture.

Creating An Ethical, Equitable, and Self-Transcending Culture