The horrific global ramifications of a post-democratic America

Permit me to enumerate in all its grotesque and mammoth dimensions a universe in which our democracy mutates into an authoritarian system of political behavior.

Beyond the irretrievable reality of the devastation to the ethos of individual liberties and the collective principles of a national purpose, and a sacred commitment to the welfare and equity of all who compose our populace; the fundamental character of our nation will reflect at is epicenter, a brutal, violent, and irredeemable Neo-Hobbesian character in a cultural dynamic that shall eternally preclude the possibility of recapturing a democratic agenda and raison d’etre, to which our citizens can comit their allegiance and the passionate subscription of their energies.

In the international realm what indispensable capability will exist to marshal the resources of democratic societies whatever their locale to oppose totalitarian rulers and initiatives, whether these efforts require diplomatic and/or military resources in the absence of our leadership?

When successive waves of pandemic afflictions engulf the globe from whence will the concerted and extraordinary technical resources and ingenuity required to blunt its progress and contain its lethality originate, in a world that lacks our current capabilities?

When inevitably the manifold plagues which climate change has spawned and grows every more extensive and lethal in its manifestations, which nation shall mobilize and sustain the exertions required to tame and reverse its most pernicious handiwork when we have descended into a societal conglomeration of chaos and impotence?

Who will initiate the numerous campaigns and initiatives that are required to rectify and heal those conflicts and ferocious disagreements that fester in so many locales on our planet, that inflict so much death and suffering on its involuntary participants if we withdraw our attention and cease our involvement in these contentious and brutal altercations?

The partial recitation of the disastrous consequences that would befall so many individual inhabitants and societies should we succumb to the virulent and intensifying forces of anti-democratic populism that is currently raging in the United States, is both impossible to fully predict and terrifying in its implications.

For all the reasons I have previously cited and others that are too numerous to elucidate, it is imperative that we respond at this crucial juncture as the summer of 2022 enters its final weeks, to mobilize a national campaign of sustained activity to ensure that we retain an operational democratic polity however anemic and compromised its present status.

This critical prospective endeavor contains the following elements that cumulatively reflect as their objective the crucial necessity of ensuring that every component of the private sector empires which the neoliberal oligarchy has constructed and is currently operative, becomes insolvent and thus sinks beneath the waves of an irredeemable bankrupt status as rapidly as feasible, from which it shall never recover.

By accomplishing this goal we shall deprive the contemporary universe of foundations, non-profit organizations, institutes, and other such institutional entities that are the combatants that are destroying our democratic polity, whose exertions should they succeed, shall usher in an era of authoritarianism that is fascistic in its fundamental character and bears no resemblance to previous expressions of genuine populistic fervor that is contained within our nation’s historical record.

Thus, in the final analysis the antidote to the lethal and ultimately fatal agenda of dismantling our republic is to render inoperative those commercial entities that fuel their donations and contributions to the preceding phalanx of entities. The accomplishment of that imperative necessity shall provoke these purveyors of fatal pathologies to wither and expire in the absence of these financial resources.

To cite one specific example of a mammoth financial structure that resides at the epicenter of the neoliberal source of funding, one need look no further than the 100 billion dollar entity which Charles Koch has constructed. The corporate elements of which it is composed are principally those energy conglomerates within the fossil fuel realm. In addition, among those companies which he controls include Georgia-Pacific a purveyor of lumber and paper products which are purchased by many organizations, in the construction realm both residential and commercial in their activities, as well as innumerable businesses of every variety for which paper products serve a multiplicity of uses.

The paradigm that must be deployed in order to enormously reduce the revenues which flow to GP as the result of the purchases of substantial quantities of their inventory, is to identify the most significant customers that acquire these products and inform the senior management of these entities that they must cease the financial transactions in which they have been traditionally engaged, and obtain their requirements for lumber and paper products from other suppliers.

Specifically from .those entities who support the reinvigoration of our democratic polity, as opposed to those such as Charles Koch who allocate millions of dollars to organizations which are ceaselessly seeking at all levels of our society, i.e. local, state, and federal ,to dismember and obliterate the capability to implement an agenda of priorities and policies that embody the majoritarian consensus which our populace embraces in such realms as civil rights, global warming, individual reproductive freedoms, economic equity initiatives, and those mandates to protect the sanctity of our elections, and so many other areas of intense fervor where the wishes of our citizens are dismissed and rejected by those who serve the demands and preferences of our nation’s oligarchy.

It is this approach to constricting and ultimately eliminating the monstrous annual flow of gargantuan sums from this neoliberal universe that must be applied to each and every private sector entity within the neoliberal galaxy if we are to reclaim our republic.

As we undertake this process of rigorous research to both identify these companies and their principal customers, we must also enlarge and financially fortify those entities within the progressive non-profit realm, as well as those commercial enterprises that support various activities and agendas that revivify and reinvigorate the functioning and efficacy of those initiatives and endeavors that seek to return to our citizens the control of our governmental decisions and determinations.

This national campaign must commence immediately if we are to defeat the forces among us who wish the further the irrevocable dissolution of the American experience that has endured for almost two and one half centuries.

Let the word go out to every citizen and all those organizations and institutions that comprise our polity that there does not exist in this moment as the autumn of 2022 looms imminently, a more urgent or imperative task that the summoning and deployment of our collective resources to salvage what remains of our democracy, and by so doing to restore its vibrancy and capacity to provide to all who reside among us a society in which inequities and inequalities that have endured and accelerated since our founding shall be remedied, and as a result we shall achieve the more perfect union toward which we have been ceaselessly striving since the establishment of our nation.


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