As the pandemic rages the critical task of fabricating a paradigm for an equitable america continues unabated

Amidst the chaos and death the escalating trajectory of the virus is inflicting and the obscenity of a commander-in-chief who veers between the extremities of a colossal fecklessness and the incoherent and contradictory assertions of enormous progress and accomplishment his administration is compiling in the war against this pathogen, those of us who are irrevocably committed to the construction of an equitable America impervious to his mendacity and the brutal disregard for the suffering his premeditated neglect is inflicting upon those citizens who do not comprise his base, continue unrelentingly in the intellectual labors required to construct a paradigm which when implemented shall usher into being a society in which social justice is ascendant and continuous.

When ultimately this plague of biblical magnitude has spent its force we who are engaged in the herculean effort to both formulate the normative predicate and those institutional instruments to translate those humanistic values into an operational reality are hopeful that rather than a return to the lethal conflicts and internecine enmities that shall in the not too distant future be responsible for the terminal and fatal dissolution of our experiment in republican democracy, our populace will have at is disposal a prospective future in which as the result of both the substantial mitigation of inequality and the eradication of impoverishment, the poisoned contemporary atmosphere will yield to a cultural environment of robust fellowship and relative pacifity.

The sequence of scholarship in which we are engaged is to identify from among those traditions be they theological in character such as the touchstone of Judeo-Christian precepts or from among the community of philosophers such as Kant and Aristotle and more contemporary prescriptive notions such as those advocated by Abraham Maslow, Gar Alperovitz, John Rawls etc. about the optimal ordering of a democratic polity in which the fullest possible empirical expression of collective equity and self-actualization become possible.

Subsequent to the completion of this endeavor we shall then conduct a review of those prescriptions elucidated by various economists and political theorists whose conceptual frames of reference attempt the humanization of capitalism, the operationalisation of those mechanisms of social democracy/democratic socialism, and the systems, forms, and dynamics that both retains the inherent capability of entrepreneurial activity and the accumulation of personal affluence which the success in these endeavors permits and presupposses but circumcribes the political influence the accumulation of wealth currently translates into and requires the imposition of significant contributions by these individuals in the form of a national code of progressive taxation.

At this juncture of our preliminary exertions it is impossible to delineate the final products of our epistemological handiwork will assume, however, you may be certain that whatever these recommendations reflect be they renovated elements of our current federalist system, additional institutional structures, or civic obligations to ensure the further democratization of our nation will require, you may be certain that in some cumulative context what shall emerge from these labors in applied social science will be an infinitely more equitable American social organism.

The final and perhaps most crucial task is to formulate the strategic dynamic which shall be necessary to secure the implementation of this optimally democratic system. Once again though we are at the commencement of this speculative cognitive process surely what shall at the epicenter of this activity embody is the merging of innumerable individuals, organizations, and entities, that comprise the national community of progressive voices and their concerted and unceasing efforts in a campaign of moral education and ethical enlightenment throughout the entirety of our republic.

Thus, as you engage in the practices of social distancing and are consigned to your homes for a potentially protracted period of time in a posture of voluntary or involuntary quarantine, be aware that those who comprise our national conclave of re-founding fathers and mothers are assiduously engaged in those intellectual explorations that shall when completed and operationally deployed, shall inaugurate a cultural reality that will convert discord into comity, inequality into infinitely enhanced equity, and the contemporary array of social pathologies by which we are afflicted into a cultural atmosphere that is both sane and liberating.