Liberating our democracy from the enslavement which our oligarchy has imposed

On this day, shortly after noon, rationality and compassion will return to the Oval office. So too will strategic coherence, intellectual acuity, and incisive political analysis be restored to those hallowed environs.

That we have escaped the most horrendous devastation that might have been inflicted on our nation at the hands of Donald Trump and his Republican cohorts, and the rampaging populist mobs of White Supremacists who wrought such havoc on our seat of national governance, is a most meager comfort when we survey the extensive and barely reparable damage which our departing Chief Executive has left in the wake of his tenure.

To recount the content and intrinsic character of the legacy he has bequeathed to us is to convey an administration which contravened every canon of decency, and reverence for our institutions and norms, and reflected a magnitude of corruption and cruelty that was unprecedented in the annals of those who comprised the previous occupants of this office.

However, he was not the architect of those macro-cultural realities which catapulted him into a period of legitimate residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2016, though he was its most lavishly rewarded beneficiary of the forces and currents that were sweeping across our land at that moment.

The rage and divisiveness among our populace which fueled his ascendancy has been created and nurtured for more than half a century by those billionaires who have waged an unrelenting campaign to reduce all elements of our federalist system to postures of servile subservience.

For it is in this status of servitude that the political institutions of our republic will be continuingly responsive to their twin agenda priorities of the unrestricted accumulation of wealth, and the rejection of those majoritarian democratic demands that these individuals must be required to annually remit to the federal government those sums that reflect the inherent equity which a progressive system of taxation reflects.

To acquire a more comprehensive and definitive awareness of the activities in which these plutocrats have been engaged I would commend the reader to a review of my most recent previous post on this website, “The Colossal and Enraging Hypocrisy of Charles Koch”, who has been the embodiment and most ferocious practitioner of the coterie who have orchestrated and funded the multi-decade endeavor to eviscerate our democracy.

Though he stands at the apogee of this consortium of extreme Libertarians his accomplices in these exertions are other plutocrats who derive their affluence from the operation of gambling casinos, the management of private equity firms, i.e. hedge funds, and from the profits which public companies engaged in investment banking and commercial financial practices derive., as well as multi-national entities embroiled in other areas of mercantile participation.

They employ thousands of lobbyists whose continuing presence in the nation’s capitol and in other major cities and state capitols, to safeguard their mammoth assets and quell any legislative or policy initiatives which are inimical to their sphere of influence and affluence and the unfettered operation of the commercial activities in which the corporations they control are engaged.

It is this miniscule community many of whom appear on the annual Forbes Magazine list of the 400 wealthiest Americans who bear the ultimate responsibility for the contemporary tragedy of a nation on the brink of civil conflict and in the incipient phase of a process of dissolution which if successful will witness the death of the worlds most ancient and revered democratic polity.

However, in this moment of peril to our nation that is lamentably so reminiscent of the era in which our Civil War unfolded, we at the Fund For An Equitable America are not content to stand idly by and allow this mortal threat to the maintenance of our democracy remain unopposed .

As a result at the very same moment at noon today the 20th of January, 2021 when Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris commence the inception of a momentous and extraordinarily challenging term of service to our republic, we at our organization will be implementing our campaign to consign to the realm of political impotence those entities who have so gravely incapacitated our nation’s democratic process and by so doing have contributed so substantially to the inequality, poverty, and the climate of discord and acrimony in which we are currently engulfed.

We shall identify those individuals and institutions and organizations that have functioned as major components in these unceasing exertions to cripple our democracy, the instruments they utilize for these purposes, the policies and programs they advocate in support of their agendas, the magnitude of their financial contributions to various individuals and groups, and the entirety of those business empires they control as well as those products and services they provide to the American public.

In a related and unrelenting course of administrative activity we shall provide the fruits of our research to every group, organization, entity, and individual, that comprises the contemporary coalition of progressive voices in our society, to stimulate an ever increasing universe of our citizens who shall initiate and sustain a total boycott of the commercial enterprises from which these oligarchs derive the financial resources to underwrite their nefarious activities.

So too shall we illuminate those operational practices and policies within these entities that violate regulatory prohibitions, or contravene the law be it federal, state, or local in character, and /or engage in manufacturing processes that negatively impact our environment, as well as those measures that are inimical to the health and safety and financial viability of their employees.

In the course of the recently concluded national plebiscite among the most effective and impactful endeavors to illuminate the corruption, incompetence and cupidity of Donald Trump was the deployment of the media as the instrument to most dramatically convey and communicate the preceding intrinsic nature of the president and the disgraceful record he had compiled during his term of office, by the Lincoln Project, a group of Republican officials and operatives who viewed a second term in office by this Commander-in-Chief as a mortal threat to the maintenance of our republic.

It is our intent at the epicenter of our continuous agenda of activities to utilize this modality beyond all others to convey to our fellow citizens that which we discover about these organic and institutional entities and the total spectrum of their involvements and allocation of resources and most importantly the specific inimical results their initiatives produce as they maintain their campaign to emaciate our democracy.

It is our belief that an American oligarchy that has wrought so much suffering and misery to so many of our fellow citizens since the inception of the Reagan hegemony beneath the banner of neoliberalism, poses an equally lethal challenge to a democratic dynamic that has currently been reduced to a status in which its vibrancy and capacity to respond to those wishes of a majority of our populace so desperately desire to become a reality, is unceasingly thwarted by those whose wealth and influence are unremittingly opposed to the realization of these proposals.

The rational and beneficial goals which animate the majority of our fellow Americans, relate to a federal minimum wage that permits an exit from poverty, a national program to restore our crumbling infrastructure, the reform of a criminal justice dynamic that will extinguish the systemic racism that has plagued our nation from its inception. a health care system in which all of our citizens are automatically enrolled .

In addition they seek the vast improvement of public educational institutions that are currently so deficient in the performance of their mandates, the implementation of a national initiative to eradicate poverty in this the world’s most prosperous polity, and those legislative reforms that will require of the billionaires and the public and private commercial enterprises they control to significantly increase their annual financial contributions to our federal treasury that will provide the monetary capacity of our government to accomplish the activities to which I have previously alluded.

As the weeks and months unfold and our efforts become more vigorous and continuously enlarge the realm of those individuals and organizations who are committed to the restoration of a vibrant federalist system of democracy, the individuals who comprise this class of oligarchs will be confronted with the stark reality in which the abrogation of our commercial relationships with the companies under their dominion experience reduced revenues and sink into a non-profitable status.

At those critical moments they will either chose to suspend their anti-democratic agendas, and embrace those actions, initiatives, and proposals that reinvigorate our democratic polity, or remain committed to their malignant political intentions and sink beneath the waves of an irrecoverable state of fiscal bankruptcy, that will mirror the moral bankruptcy to which they have descended since their exertions to incapacitate our democracy were instituted.

Let us begin on this day in which a new administration ascends to power a fervent and ferocious companionate activity that seeks an American future in which social and economic justice is an ascendant and enduring reality.