This Website’s Purpose And Value

Your Invitation To Engage In These Crucial Activities

           This website is dedicated to the proposition that we the populace of the United States represent a collective volition and an extraordinary array of skills and talents and experience that cumulatively can retrieve our country from a disastrous destination and thus alter its current course. To accomplish this task we must fully deploy our expertise and our resolve.
           Its primary purpose is to assist those of you who wish to be about this glorious and imperative task of stimulating the evolutionary metamorphosis of this nation, or to those who are already engaged in these efforts.
        It is my intent on an intermittent basis to present to the readers of this unfolding exercise in social inquiry and exploration, an insight into the various projects, scholarship, theoretical formulations, and paradigms of innovation.
            In addition I shall introduce to this readership those substantive and incisive critiques that exist to further the democratization of our political instruments, in the arenas of community economic development, and within the precincts of spiritual and psychological practices, that both push forward the frontiers of these disciplines, and demonstrate additional techniques and mechanisms that promote objective personal examination and self-transcendence.
       It is my hope that among the breadth of topics presented there will appear an activity or event, or  policy or program dynamic or system, that will provoke your interest and stimulate your involvement in some aspect of what it is we are about.
          Furthermore, It is my belief that on frequent occasion other websites and sources both literary and electronic that I cited earlier will unveil various approaches and insights and, that are worthy of further consideration, and I shall provide the addresses of these websites or other sources that may be contacted to acquire a fuller understanding of these issues and investigations.
         This website respects no boundary between disciplines nor does it observe or affirm the value of inserting artificial or arbitrary cognitive barriers that obstruct the comprehensive scope of our consideration.
          This continuing exercise in intellectual revelation has no interest in specialization or quantitative aspects of data accumulation. Rather it’s fundamental purpose is to resuscitate our cognitive capabilities, in order that we may address the central questions of our personal existence and the social organism in which we live, to formulate a normative predicate upon which we shall construct a strategic plan for our lives and for that of our nation.
           These exertions shall be undertaken in the service of actualizing both a personal existence and a social commonweal that by their existence exemplifies that which is most noble and fulfilling about the configuration of the human experience.  Let us be about this task!
       One final note on which to conclude this inaugural preface to our efforts.  Though I am certain that this communique and those that ensue shall provoke intense sentiments regarding their validity or lack thereof, and I sincerely welcome your comments, reactions etc.
        The sole request I wish to convey about your contributions to this evolving publication is that you undertake these efforts in a tone and tenor of civility and respect, if not for the substance of these journalistic installments, then for the individual(s) who are responsible for their formulation.
         Profanity, gratuitous insults, ad hominem attacks, and similar vocabularies of disrespect of the authors and their expositions will be removed from this site. I would hope that all readers would recognize the validity of these concerns and be responsive to them.
           Moreover, I am of the opinion that those of you who are attracted to this effort and periodically review its contents are intellectually most capable of expressing your views in a language that is insightful, persuasive, and yet civil.  With this sole caveat let us become allies and confederates in this great adventure to transform ourselves and this nation, and let us commence this glorious campaign today.

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Creating An Ethical, Equitable, and Self-Transcending Culture

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