A contingency plan to avert the death of American democracy

At this crucial moment of our nation’s existence we at the Center For The Preservation of American Democracy (a subsidiary of the Fund For An Equitable America) , are formulating a contingency plan to ensure the survival of our democratic polity when the national plebiscite in November is concluded.

We are united in our belief that irrespective of the particular tactics and initiatives which Donald Trump and allies among the Republican and Conservative elements of his electoral base deploy be it voter suppression, the disruption of absentee balloting, grievously reducing both the number of locations at which voters may cast their ballots and the hours of their operation, as well as those decisions at the local, state, and federal levels to inhibit or disenfranchise former felons and other minority constituencies that comprise our populace.

The purpose of these strategies is to ensure both the retention of the current Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, secure the president’s reelection, recapture the House of Representatives, and displacement of Democratic governors throughout the United States.

Though it is our fervent hope that our fears are unfounded the behavior in which Donald Trump has engaged from the moment he was elected, that has inflicted enormous damage on both our federalist system and the constitutional provisions we have been historically afforded, conveys the unmistakable and uncompromising intention to retain his occupancy within the White House by any and all means necessary, regardless of the fatal wounds to our system of government which those actions shall instigate.

Thus in response to this threat of mortal harm to our republic we are assembling a coalition of Americans who by virtue of their expertise and experience shall prepare a comprehensive, multi-tier paradigm/protocol to both neutralize those threats that are currently manifesting, and any that may be introduced during the weeks and months that remain until the election is held on November 3.

Our agenda of activities will be unprecedented. It will mount legal challenges to efforts to disenfranchise voters, coordinate with former senior officials of the Justice Department to prepare for any eventualities to which a judicial response is required, maintain unceasing communications with those at the apogee of the leadership of the House of Representatives lest the fate of the presidency be determined by that body, and engage in continuous conversations with former Secretaries of Defense and retired flag officers, should their assistance to rescue our democratic system be necessitated.

We shall engage in dialogue with those who wish to maximize voter turnout, nonprofits, communities of faith, the LGBT universe, those who wish to achieve immigration reform and obtain formal citizenship for the cohort of “Dreamers.”

So too shall we solicit the commitment to our agenda of those who support prison reform and police accountability, and those who advocate the expansion of union membership in the both the private sector and among public service employees, and those entities who are engaged in protecting the environment, establishing public banks, and are converting private corporations within the energy and technology realms into public utilities, pursuing health care reform and augmenting educational opportunities.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly we shall identify the specific institutions and individuals who are providing financial assistance be they public companies or significant elements of the private financial structure, that seek to retain their oligarchic domination of our nation and impose a national boycott of these companies and the foundations that represent their interests to deprive them of the resources to fund these activities.

However, in the event that our spectrum of strategies is unsuccessful and the president retains his office by methods that are legally suspect and ethically compromised, we shall orchestrate a national campaign of unceasing demonstrations and civil disobedience and the simultaneous withdrawal by the nation’s workforce from the entirety of our economy and as the result of this general strike shall we accomplish the literal suspension of all productive activity throughout the nation. We shall remain in this posture of civil agitation and economic paralysis until a process of political legitimacy has lawfully removed Mr. Trump from the Whitehouse and we have witnessed the restoration of a fully functioning and vibrant democracy.