Psychological Profiles

   Surely the group of CEO’s who comprise the Forbes 400 who are experiencing lives of unparalleled accomplishment, and who reside at the epicenter of an orbit of professional associates and reverential acolytes, must have acquired a peace, contentment, and sense of self-worth, that few others have known.

           However, for the vast majority of those who occupy those exalted locales at the pinnacle of these corporate and financial institutions, a quite different and in fact regrettable dynamic characterizes the fundamental essence of their awareness.

          Many of them who have devoted extraordinary effort in their quest to become CEO’s of these corporate behemoths, or in postures of a rabid entrepreneurialism have created companies that through their unrelenting efforts now reign supreme in their respective areas of commercial activity, are propelled toward these heights as the result of enormous insecurities and nuclear family pathologies.

          These disease syndromes have produced self-images that are deformed and reflect a primary sensibility of self-loathing, and an unremitting sense of inadequacy and deficiencies that often relate to physical characteristics of homely countenances, diminutive stature, and anemic or corpulent physiognomies.

           Thus, what frequently fuels their  desire to succeed is the transcendent need to demonstrate to detractors  that their assessments of their abilities were flawed, and their predictions of failure or mediocre destinies were in error.

           In the final analysis their vindication will be derived from their triumph to amass personal fortunes that exceed those other plutocrats, who are also engaged in the ruthless and all-consuming exertions to ascend to an ever more rarefied status on the holy grail of annual financial rankings, the Forbes 400.

           It is these rankings in their view which will demonstrate to other captains of industry and the general public the accomplishments for which they are responsible, and thus empirically demonstrate to all their superiority and the incomparable qualities they represent and embody.

          The crucial question which must be posed at this juncture is as the result of expending herculean energy and  virtually every waking moment of their consciousness in the pursuit of these financial objectives, when they have achieved their objectives and reside virtually alone on the apex of Mount Olympus, do they then experience  a sensibility that is joyous, passionate, creative?

        Are their lives  populated with loving family relationships, and substantive and rewarding sources of friendship, that nourish their capacities to become empathetic, selfless, compromising, and affectively vibrant, (all of which are required to create and sustain mutually beneficial human arrangements)?

           Regrettably, in most instances they assuredly do not experience that marvelous eventuality. For those who are compelled to demonstrate their fundamental self-worth and by the accumulation of wealth and the influence that flows from it, the traits of solipsism, self-absorption, narcissism, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors, as well as arrogance, contempt, and condescension, become ever more entrenched and preeminent as the central hallmarks of their consciousness and behavior.

            Continuing forays into episodes of alcoholic and pharmacological excess to anesthetize the isolation and boredom and emptiness of life in their palatial but sterile residences, recur with frequent regularity.

           Often in the quest to resuscitate a meaningful and substantial sensorial dynamic, repetitive immersion in  sadomasochistic sexual practices in which orgasmic and violent rituals commingle, are recurring requisite activities.

            However, the most tragic and cruel irony about the lives of those who are committed to this mode of existence is that regardless of the magnitude of wealth they acquire it is never sufficient to satisfy their appetites, or silence the insatiable demons that reside in their consciousness.

           It is patently impossible in the material realm to achieve the conversion of a state of frantic desperation and alienation into a consciousness in which serenity, Agape, and the joy of a leisurely immersion in  human fellowship emerges.

          Moreover, the profound yearnings and self-exploration of the wounds and vulnerabilities of an experiential compilation, in the both the past and current segments of their life, will continue to elude them as well in this physical environment.





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