The Paradigm For An Equitable American Society: A Cultural Blueprint to Eradicate Poverty

In the Spring of 2016 The Center For Humanistic Global Initiatives will be releasing to the American public, the following publication which we shall bring to a conclusion by winter’s end, i.e. “The Paradigm For An Equitable American Society: A Cultural Blueprint To Eradicate  Poverty in America.”

This document will provide a crucial regional and national framework for the purpose of stimulating a massive expansion of those projects that are currently underway in numerous cities throughout the United States.

As significant and relevant as these activities are regarding the processes  and objectives of transforming areas of poverty, physical blight, unemployment, inadequate education systems as well as a lack of affordable housing, municipal services, and other recreational/cultural amenities, they do not constitute an aggregate magnitude to address in any meaningful quantitative regard the mammoth dimensions of those deficiencies in innumerable regions of our country.

Moreover, they are wholly insufficient to cumulatively provide a redress for the financial inequities and associated ills and malignancies of a social and macro-economic and political character by which this society is contemporaneously afflicted.

Though there exist a whole host of factors which are responsible for this circumstance, the principal deficiency beyond of course the lack of the requisite financial resources for this gargantuan undertaking, is the absence of a fully rendered paradigm which would provide the conceptual frame of reference and corresponding institutional structure(s) by which those engaged in numerous community projects could expand these successful models of asset based wealth building.

This construct would in addition provide on a continuous basis the concomitant resources derived from these commercial enterprises that possess the potential to ultimately transform an urban district mired in poverty into a viable and vibrant middle -class environment.

In some fundamental regard the central question is the following: “How do we ensure that the essential democratic essence and operational realities of these activities remain intact as their growth attains a multi-neighborhood status, an interstate presence, a regional scope of operations, and ultimately a national reality?”

The paradigm which I shall release during the winter of 2016 will address precisely the considerations and requirements of the structure that in my view will be both comprehensive and specific in delineating the regional and national links and interrelationships, as well as explicating the agenda of responsibilities the various regional entities and the national entity shall assume and discharge in a financial and technical assistance regard.

So too will this model explicate within the crucial realm of coordinating and maximizing the impact of these activities  ensure that in some pivotal cultural regard these efforts truly function as a “whole that is exponentially greater than the sum of its parts.”

Armed with this imperative model it shall then be feasible, utilizing this construct to mobilize a national community of prospective funding sources and collective expertise and experience to commit to and engage in a process that shall result in the transformation of this nation and by so doing translate the entirety of the enlightened and humanistic vision so many of our citizens are currently embracing as an imperative collective social reality that is both liberating and life-affirming, into a glittering,  seminal empirical manifestation.



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