Increasing the magnitude of social justice in America:The single most important measure by which the Trump presidency shall be evaluated.

There currently exist a number of significant challenges and concerns that confront our nation;  the nuclear ambitions of North Korea, the territorial avarice of Vladamir Putin, the maritime cupidity of the People’s Republic of China, the authoritarian proclivities of the Turkish and Egyptian governments and other sovereignties that formally comprised portions of the Soviet system.

In addition, the unremitting sponsorship of terrorism by the Iranians and other organizations in the Middle East must also be addressed by the 45th president of the United States in the ensuing weeks and months of his hegemony.

However, the most crucial agenda which he must successfully confront and vanquish are those central elements of a domestic agenda which have plagued our society for decades and by their neglect and a host of totally inadequate responses to their severity and the excruciating anguish they have produced in the lives of tens of millions of our fellow citizens who reside in the dungeons of impoverishment.

Their manifold causes e.g. racism, the continuing onslaught of technology and the displacement of the laborer by these innovations, globalization,  the obsession by both public companies and private organizations within our financial firmament with ensuring the ever-ascending  value of the equity of their institutions, as well as the obscene and immoral compensations packages for their senior executives that in some instances reflect tens of millions of dollars annually.

Moreover,  until very recently wages that were stagnant for decades and have  experienced a minuscule increment in 2016; however for the overwhelming majority of those that comprise the blue-collar workforce the paltry wages they are awarded enable these families to barely survive and maintain the integrity of their families.

Both prior to the great recession and subsequent to the “recovery” the plight of these individuals, many Caucasian Americans in rural environments with limited educational credentials, African-Americans in our ghettos, as well significant numbers of those of  Hispanic origin and many members of the Muslim community, remains the source of an excruciating discomfort.

It is the socioeconomic variables which appear below that imprisons them in lives that are cruel, vi0lent, and of an interminable duration, in which so many engage in self-destructive behaviors to escape the suffering and become oblivious to the sorrow and hopelessness that engulf them.

Beyond all else that this administration accomplishes in both the international and national frames of social reality, it must address  the previously cited circumstances and formulate and implement those initiatives and policies and programs that will provide access to middle-class jobs, not simply for the abbreviated periods which a national infrastructure would enable but for the  longer term of those decades of which an employee is capable and fervently wishes to accomplish.

It is the crucial accompanying task of transforming law enforcement agencies in African-American areas from occupying armies to systems of justice whose interactions with the community residents reflect respect and empathy.

It is the imperative requirement of allocating massive resources to construct and maintain affordable housing environments in so many of our cities so that our fellow citizens can transition from crumbling, rat-infested structures in which criminal populations are ascendant, to safe, comfortable,  housing alternatives in which the middle class resides and the  citizens in concert with law enforcement will displace and evict those who prey on the community.

It is the critical necessity to transform inadequate systems of public education into sources of literacy and intellectual competence from which students will emerge as both capable citizens to adjudicate the crucial political issues of our time, as well as with the competence to enter the workforce or institutions of higher education with the skills and tools to succeed in these endeavors.

It is the transcendent obligation to reclaim a functioning democratic system that our Congressional districts be reconfigured to reflect both a demographic content and geographical delineation that rectifies the most egregious defects which so many districts embody as arbitrary configurations of the most extreme Gerrymandering, and all that flows from that reality in ensuring the continuation of  “safe” seats and uncontested elections which sustain the partisan gridlock which afflicts the Congress and precludes progress on so many issues and considerations that are vital to our nation.

It is of the utmost importance that a path toward citizenship be created to afford the 12 million immigrants who reside in our society and have contributed so much to our financial and cultural well-being and vibrancy may find their way from the shadows of legal uncertainty to the sunlight of a formally accepted status among us.

It is of enormous significance that all our citizens regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliations enjoy lives of peace and serenity free from the aspersions, denunciations, and episodic violence, which have been so substantially increased by the vituperative and racist tone of this most recent presidential election.

And finally it is your task beyond all other obligations to unite a fractured and sullen nation among whom so many view their fellow citizens who do not share their views or values to be not only obtuse and misguided and opponents of the nation’s welfare, but to be enemies who must be quarantined and excluded from meaningful participation in our civic life and in the broader culture.

It is the preceding aspects of our national life that I have enumerated that cumulatively comprise a compelling definition of “Social Justice” and it is the successful resolution of these enormous challenges to our society by which your term in office which commences imminently, shall be evaluated.

I stand prepared as the Chairman of The Fund For An Equitable America to assist in this imperative effort and shall provide should you wish to include it at the heart of those comprehensive and systemic activities you initiate, the strategic plan we have formulated to eradicate poverty in this nation, and the concomitant energy to translate this document into a vibrant and liberating force to transform all the census tracts in which poverty is currently ascendant into districts where a vibrant and self-sustaining middle-class  existence is possible, and all that flows from that reality.


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