The Imminent Observance Of The Fourth Annual American Assessment Day Event

 On Saturday October 6th, 2018 our nation shall celebrate the Fourth Annual American Assessment Day event. It is an activity which I inaugurated in 2015 as a central modality of my publication, “America’s Future: Requiem Or Renaissance? An Agenda For The Transformation Of Our Nation And Ourselves.” (Rosedog Press).

This undertaking requests of all our populace on the first Saturday of the month of October, to engage in a process of both political and social evaluation, and an infinitely more personal exercise in exploring the various circumstances and interpersonal relationships which are extant within the nuclear family environment in which we find ourselves.

The initial endeavor requires an analysis of the major public and private commercial enterprises in this society with specific reference to the policies and operations of these entities as well as the profile of political advocacy/contributions they support and provide, to determine whether in some quintessential regard they reflect a raison d’etre that supports the maintenance of those normative and institutional realities that are responsible for the extraordinary inequality, the grievously diminished efficacy of our citizens to impact governmental decisions at all levels of our republic, and the perpetuation of those structural circumstances which perpetuate the impoverishment to which approximately 50 million of us are consigned.

The companies that are engaged in the preceding spectrum of behaviors that are both unethical and are enormously harmful to both the social capital and the future prospects of our democracy’s capacity to remain intact and more importantly recapture an ascendant climate in which a dynamic and vibrant ethos of social justice is transcendent, must be penalized for their actions by the rejection of any continuing commercial transactions on behalf of the purchase of their products or services by our citizens.

Perhaps when confronted with the stark and inescapable choice of either sinking beneath the waves of insolvency for their behaviors or adopting those policies and modes of operations that are moral, support environmentally self-sustaining methods, seek to positively impact the mitigation of both inequality and poverty, and are agents and catalysts for enlightened and beneficial governmental decisions that augment the welfare and opportunities of the overwhelming majority of Americans, they will opt for the latter course of action.

The assessment process to which I referred reflects a period of activity which is divided into two segments. The mornings exertions address the practices of those preeminent public corporations and those private companies such as hedge funds and other financial entities that stand astride our economy, in order to evaluate those organizations that engage in ethical commerce and should therefore be supported by American consumers as a reward for those practices.

In those instances in which commercial institutions who by virtue of their greed and cupidity and frequently harmful policies and activities which negatively impact our environment, the prospects of their employees relative to attaining both a secure footing in the middle-class, and the prospective future of a retirement which affords them the ability to exist during that period in a posture of relative comfort free from the depredations of inadequate financial resources, should be subject to the immediate and total discontinuance of any further purchases by our citizens of their entire inventory of products and services, to demonstrate that immoral behaviors will be rejected and their perpetrators grievously penalized.

This “macroeconomic/political” investigation will absorb much of the morning and perhaps extend into a portion of the afternoon to allow for a thorough examination and the formulation of those decisions that will be implemented during the ensuing year by those individuals who engage in this analysis.

The second exercise in which those who comprise the various nuclear family structures addressing these agendas will undertake is the equally vital task of exploring the tone and tenor of those interpersonal dynamics and interactions that are extant within their respective domestic arrangements, for the purpose of both disclosing those sources of conflict and impairment that exist in these families and the corresponding unhappiness, resentments, and deformities to various individuals which these pathologies foster.

Armed with these insights it becomes feasible to amend and replace those elements within these households to rectify these affective conditions and circumstances and produce an atmosphere that will serve as a source of harmony, increased self-actualization, and the collective spiritual and psychological evolution of its participants.

As the universe of those among us who engage in this annual evaluative effort increases, the eventuality of consigning to insolvency a continuing augmentation of those major commercial entities who currently stand astride this society and through their political efficacy and financial capacities perpetuate the mammoth inequality and the virtual incapacitation of all levels of government except in those determinations and decisions which these oligarchs seek to retain their hegemony in this republic, will be accomplished.

These hegemonic entities will ultimately be compelled to seek the protection of bankruptcy and as a result cease to exist as operational entities, or adopt those policies and practices that shall resuscitate both the political impact  which the majority of our citizens may yield (that reflect their economic and governmental interests and priorities) and by so doing substantially diminish the inequality that is extant at this moment in the life of our country, and simultaneously substantively reduce those who are consigned to the basement of our culture, in inhospitable structures of hopelessness,  misery, and the cruelest state of impoverishment.

The principal benefits which will be derived from the exercise to which the afternoon is devoted will produce within the nuclear family structure and the interpersonal dynamics of those within it, an infinitely more humane, liberating, and self-actualizing sequence of individual and collective possibilities,that unleashes the fullest possible spiritual, psychic, and intellectual potential that will awaken and sustain a robust and vibrant atmosphere of peace, serenity, maximum individual creativity.

It is my hope that you will join with me in these exertions this Saturday and by so doing both elevate the quotient of social justice which currently obtains in both the macroeconomic and political realms of our nation, and within the interpersonal dimensions of your life and that of your family as well.


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