It may sound harsh, but the point of October’s forthcoming ‘American Assessment Day’ is simple – to support ethical business and compel major corporation to either reform or perish. It’s the brainchild of Bernard S. Gluckstern, author of ‘America’s Future: Requiem Or Renaissance? An Agenda For The Transformation Of Our Nation And Ourselves’. Could this finally be the antidote to inequality and the political impotence of so many of our citizens?

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Washington, D.C. – On Saturday October 3d 2015, Washington’s Bernard Gluckstern is asking all citizens to observe the first annual ‘American Assessment Day’, a unique and compelling opportunity to as Gluckstern puts it – “place the financial testicles of unethical companies in a vise, and force them to reform”. The day provides a bold opportunity for Americans to assess their civic and personal lives, reclaim their power and boycott unethical public and private corporations.

“We’re a nation that has fallen into fatal apathy, and we need a day to assess the situation we’re in, boycott unethical corporations and ultimately reclaim a society that once led the world,” explains Gluckstern. “By augmenting ethical business and tightening the vise on the scrotum of those who operate without integrity, we can slowly start to affect the change we both need and deserve.”

American Assessment Day was inspired by ‘America’s Future: Requiem Or Renaissance? An Agenda for the Transformation of Our Nation and Ourselves’, Gluckstern’s recently released manifesto for change.

Synopsis of ‘America’s Future: Requiem or Renaissance? An Agenda for the Transformation of Our Nation and Ourselves’

‘America’s Future: Requiem or Renaissance? An Agenda for the Transformation of Our Nation and Ourselves, Bernard Gluckstern has created that rare book that articulates both a vision and a strategic approach to its implementation. He explores the various tactics and approaches which those at the apogee of our financial pyramid deploy to ensure that we remain a society that is exhausted, apprehensive, and divided, and subjected to increasing pressures as the result of our deteriorating material circumstances. However, more importantly he provides a blueprint to restore the political efficacy of our population, by augmenting ethical business enterprises and compelling mammoth organizations to reform their negative behaviors or face extinction. These objectives can be achieved by the commitment of citizens who will no longer permit the current injustices.

“The fabric of so many families has been eroded right down to its very core,” explains Gluckstern, “Causes range from isolated at-home addictions and work-related stresses right through to the incompetence and greed of the political elites and the institutions they collude with. My plan is a sensible strategy that can finally create a just and life-affirming society once again.”

Critics agree, leaving a slew of positive reviews. Edward C. Green, PhD and Director ‘The New Paradigm Fund’ comments; “At its core this book is a humanistic appeal for sanity in a world where the playing field has grown increasingly inequitable. The premise is Great Power Heal Thyself, in other words as American citizens we have the capacity and duty to reform our own country, first of all and the “spread effects” could be enormous. The U.S. could rightfully reclaim the global respect it once had as the model of a true functioning democracy.”

Rahul Singh, CEO, of Anant Corporation adds; “Mr. Gluckstern brings to light the evidence that points to a continued deterioration of our nation’s moral fabric as a result of corporate greed and apathy towards the social well-being of  ALL our people. After all, don’t we define ourselves as “we the people.? ”He asks the reader and the nation to experience a crisis of conscience and take steps towards a more positive and fulfilling future as a society.”

Ronald Smith, a psychiatrist and former Chief Of Behavioral Medicine At Bethesda Naval Hospital asserts; “Bernard Gluckstern is a brilliant thoughtful articulate patriot and author. His ideas for a better republic are coherent, methodical, and possible. His belief in the possibility of educating the voting public is perhaps overly optimistic, but this book is a fine start.”

Hal Gill a senior executive at CEA in the nation’s capitol stated that this literary achievement contains; “Unflinchingly honest reflections on self and society are what the reader will find in this volume. Mr Gluckstern has laid out the current state of affairs and vision for the future. Agree or disagree, the public will be left richer for having had the experience of digesting the perspectives offered in America’s Future: Requiem Or Renaissance? An Agenda For the Transformation of Our Nation And Ourselves.”

‘America’s Future: Requiem or Renaissance? An Agenda for the Transformation of Our Nation and Ourselves’, from RoseDog Books¸ is available now: Virtual pressroom: Publisher’s bookstore:

About the Author

Bernard Gluckstern has devoted much of his professional career to the mitigation of poverty and the empowerment of the poor in such locales as Watts (Los Angeles), Appalachia, New York City, and Washington, D.C. He is the recipient of a M.A. degree in Political Science from Brown University and a B.A. degree in Philosophy from Alfred University. In addition, Mr. Gluckstern served in the United States Marine Corps.  He resides in Washington, D.C., with his extraordinary wife, Lisa.


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