To My Fellow Citizens: Saturday, October 3d, 2015, The First Annual American Assessment Day Observance; Your Opportunity To Reclaim Our Society And Our Lives

It is my fervent hope that signficant numbers of our fellow Americans will devote this Saturday the 3d of October to the crucial task of reclaiming our society and our personal lives. The modality by which these twin objectives may be accomplished is to commence this day, subsequent to a nourishing breakfast, to gather the members of our families together to commence the process of engaging in a comprehensive evaluation of our civic culture, and in the afternoon when the luncheon repast is completed, to address the matter of the content of our personal existences.

With regard to the morning activity, the fundamental focus of our efforts should be allocated to the formulation of a response to the following interrogatory: What business enterprises that exist within our geographical orbit reflect and embody those principles of “ethical commerce”? (see the content of the entries on this blog beneath the titles Ethical Values and Exemplary Organizations).

For by either initiating financial relationships with these entities or increasing the magnitude of the purchases of products and services these companies offer, we shall be elevating the larger social welfare of our communities by virtue of those values these organizations embrace. The website that iin my view that is most valuable for this purpose in which both the concepts and structures for community based democratic models  are fully explicated, in addition to numerous examples throughout the United States of these institutions that are successful by any standard of measurement may be found on

The second portion of the this exercise should be allocated to providing an answer to a question that contains even greater importance; i.e. What major corporations be they public in character or private in nature are responsible for those inimical influences that both contribute to the increasing inequality in our nation, and/or are wedded to agendas of activity that in some central regard contribute to the degradation of our environment, the diminishment of the political efficacy of overwhelming numbers of those who reside in the United States, and or other dimensions of the social dysfunction and cultural afflictions that are responsible for the poverty, racial turmoil, and spectrum of related social injustices with which so many of us are contending?

These entities e.g. those who are aptly referred to as “Commercial Reprobates” are institutions with which we should immediately sever any and all interactions, and as the population of former customers enlarges and the realm of those who continue to support these companies declines, a stark and undeniable choice will be presented to the governing boards of these corporations; either reform your business practices and function in an ethical manner that presupposes various positive impacts on the citizens of the United States, or remain wedded to the current modes of operation and sink beneath the waves of insolvency.

A comprehensive compilation of those corporate entitites that are guilty of behaviors that are deleterious to our nation’s welfare and various activities which negatively impact on our capacity to regain the dominance of the majority of our citizens capabilities to determine our destiny as a society in both a political and financial regard, may be found beneath the banner of the Corporate Research Project website. An element of critical relvance that appears there is the category entitled the Corporate Rap Sheet. The numerous major companies that appear on that enumeration are guilty of a broad spectrum of actions that are both morally suspect and injurious to the public interest. It is these entitites with whom where feasible all Americans shoudl suspend and terminate all commercial transactions. As their revenues plummet and their profitability expires they will either amend their behaviors or cease to exist as a viable commercial enterprise.

Once the preceding exercise is concluded and you and your family members have reached decisions regarding the business enterprises that from this point forward you will cease patronizing, and those that you shall either inaugurate or expand your commercial transactions with, the second aspect of this communal activity should address those personal elements of your domestic circumstances, i.e. both the sources in your lives whether external to your lives or internal to the nuclear family dynamic, that significantly impact the quality and content of domestic environment in which you dwell.

Should your current career arrangements be inimical to the fabric of your collective welfare; what is the nature of those negative impacts and most importantly how might various strategies be implemented in the immediate or longer term to mitigate those influences? What perspectives and opinions do members of your household reflect with regard to aspects of their current intrafamilial dynamic with which they are unhappy or most disturbed by? What modifications might be implemented to alleviate these woes? Finally, what goals and objectives do those that compose this family unit wish to actualize, i.e. a paradigm of greater fufillment, serenity, and contentment for their lives and for the family as a whole? What actions in response to these concerns are appropriate to implement in order to create an atmosphere that can strengthen and reinvigorate your existences both individually and as a collective entity?

This day of reflection, introspection, and objective consideration of both those commercial entities which contain the potential to either continue their baleful influences on our nation or contribute to the creation of a vastly improved social reality, and those internal dynamics which can either cause great harm or substantial happiness within our personal lives, are the crucial hemispheres which deserve objective, thorough, and comprehnsive consideration, and each aspect if properly addressed and examined can produce a result that will serve as a guide to both ourselves and our nation to embrace and embark upon new and more promising habits and interinstitutional and interpersonal relationships, that will benefit all our citizens and the members of our families who engage in this critical activity on Saturday the 3d of October, i.e. the observance of the First Annual American Assessment Day


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