Poverty’s Persistence Could Spawn A Facist American State

Among those who are rabid proponents of a Trump presidential hegemony are millions of Caucasian Americans who wallow in their prejudice and detest the federal largess which has stimulated the ascension to the middle class which those in this constituency have accomplished, primarily as the result of their unstinting and unrelenting individual exertions.

Beyond their resentment at the success of this component of the nation’s populace, they simultaneously bemoan the fact that government at all levels has chosen to ignore their squalor and impoverished material circumstances.

They have been consigned to the realm of a forgotten precinct of our society where equipped with little more than a high school diploma and related job skills which have long ago been rendered irrelevant to the operational requirements of our economy, they marinate in alcohol, drugs, indolence, and a ferocious sense of being imprisoned in an existence which has little value and is the object of indifference or contempt by so many among us.

Their fury at our unconcern as a society about their plight and the misery in which they dwell is absolutely justified and their destitute circumstances cry out for a collective intervention and remediation, that is as warranted and imperative as all others irrespective of their ethnic origins or gender who contend with life in impoverished environments in the United States, irrespective of their place of residence be it rural, suburban or within equally inhospitable urban ghettos.

However, what is in my view  truly a tragedy of monumental proportions is the ardor with which they embrace the misogynistic and racist rhetoric and the normative predicate on which it resides of the sulfuric and immoral prevarications of Donald Trump.

In what is the most vile and contemptible of all political strategies conceivable, he summons the prejudices and rage of this misbegotten cohort and in an appeal to their suffering he suggests that the policies and programs he advocates and would implement at the center of a Trump presidency, will retrieve the millions of middle class manufacturing jobs from China and other locales and by these actions restore these individuals to their comfortable life styles of yore.

These promises are completely spurious and invalid and lie beyond the capability of any American chief executive to reverse the inimical impacts upon the nation’s economy, which globalization has wrought in the course of its two decade ascendancy.

The legitimate and potentially efficacious prescriptions that contain an infinitely greater probability of successfully rescuing those in poverty whatever their race or sex may be found in the policy positions which Bernie Sanders advocates, and in some more modest regard within the programs and formulations that Secretary Clinton has proposed

That so many who have voted in the various primaries to select Trump as the Republican nominee so fervently aspire to the reestablishment of a White supremacy and the return to less hospitable financial and social environments of all minorities and women, have been electorally exploited in recent election cycles by Republican politicians who promised the repeal of Obama care, the continued oppression of the LGBT communities, and the uncompromising opposition to abortion,  only to be bitterly disappointed by the failure of their elected officials to succeed in these political efforts.

As a result many fled the GOP and embraced tea party positions and candidacies only to discover that their radical views and policies could not be implemented on Capitol hill, and that the politics of a national self-destructive nature was beyond the capabilities of those they had sent to Congress to represent them.

In the final analysis a Trump presidency would according to the candidate himself reflect the disregard for our constitutional system, the loss of a free press, the deportation of millions of Hispanics, the prohibition of Muslim immigrants, a reversion to a state of hyper nationalism and the irrevocable reduction of our civil liberties and our collective freedoms as a nation.

The preceding are all elements of a system of government which at its very essence would be fascistic in character and operation, and spell the termination of an American democracy that has endured however imperfectly for more than 240 years.

The challenge this November is to be responsive to the plight of all those who currently reside in poverty in the United States while retaining the contemporary political character of the globes premiere republican democracy.

It is my fervent hope that those who supported Trump’s candidacy during the primary season will desert his campaign for the White House to both retain our federalist structure and ensure that Fascism does not reflect a prospective American future.



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