A Crucial Advisory to Donald Trump: The Rewards Of Healing Our Nation; The Price Of Demagoguery

The agenda  the President-Elect implements will either mitigate poverty and increase social justice for all or will reflect the demagogic contents of his campaign. The fate of his personal financial empire hangs in the balance of the path he chooses

*WASHINGTON* – *Nov. 11, 2016* – /PRLog <https://www.prlog.org/>/ –Today, Bernard S. Gluckstern, The Chairman of The Fund For An EquitableAmerica,  provided his perspective regarding the imminent ascension to power of Donald Trump as America’s 45th President.

“As continuing protests in numerous cities throughout this country have transpired, and those who have marched have articulated their dismay regarding Donald Trumps’s electoral college victory,  he has characterized their criticisms as unfair and is requesting that the electorate  withholds its judgment until his term commences on the 20th of January, 2017.

“What he fails to understand or acknowledge is that he was the architect of a campaign that  reflected racism, misogyny, ridicule of the disabled, Jews, the parents of a fallen soldier,  a jurist of Mexican descent, a pattern of  boorish and abusive  behaviors toward women  during his various flirtations with matrimony, and so much more, which has caused so many among us to conclude that he is unfit  to become our nation’s chief executive and the putative leader of the free world.”

“However,  I have chosen instead to provide him with the opportunity  to discard the rhetoric of demagoguery and the  numerous proposals which he espoused during the campaign, that would produce truly calamitous results in both the realm of our relations with other governments and within our domestic economic circumstances.The standard I shall deploy in measuring Mr. Trumps presidency shall be composed of the following tools of assessment”:

  1. Does he respect the constitutional provisions regarding free speech,assembly, etc. which are afforded to us?
  1. Does he permit the unabridged operation of a free press or does he seek to inhibit its scope of activity?
  1. Does he inhibit Mr. Putin’s appetite for territorial expansion and restrict the maritime aspirations of the Chinese?
  1. Does he reaffirm our involvement in global treaties that recognize the threat of global warming?
  1. Should he opt to scrap Obamacare what alternative that does not exclude those who received medical coverage as the result of its existence, would he implement?
  1. Does he renounce the support of the various alt-right entities and reject their messages of hate and prejudice?
  1. Does he permit those 12 million principally Hispanic residents of our nation to remain here and to be afforded a path to citizenship?
  1. Does he support the creation and implementation of a massive infrastructure modernization program which is so vitally required,  and the millions of middle-class jobs this effort would provide?
  1. Does he avoid protectionist trade policies that if implemented would guarantee negative responses from our trading partners and plunge us into a recession?
  1. Finally , and most importantly does he deploy throughout our many impoverished communities, those resources both financial and technical to  mitigate inequality and eradicate poverty?

“This is the decalogue of considerations I shall utilize in evaluating the presidency of Donald Trump.”

“Should his tenure  reflect those policies and innovative initiatives contained in the previous Ten Commandments Of An Enlightened Politics, I shall be among the first to congratulate him for these actions and extol his virtues.”

“However, should Mr. Trump’s presidency  trample on constitutional liberties, stoke the fires of prejudice and exclusion, and most importantly neglect the urgent economic requirements of tens of millions of our citizens,  then shall we in response, utilize every legal weapon at our disposal to ensure that the financial empire to which Mr. Trump shall return at the conclusion of his term of office will be greatly diminished if not entirely dismantled”.

“We shall impose a national boycott to ensure that few if any Americans will purchase those products with the Trump label, or frequent  those resorts that bear the Trump name for purposes of either business or leisure. When the Trump organization attempts to undertake construction projects or other commercial activities utilizing other corporate labels we shall apprise the public of these actions and request their rejection of these offerings or options”.”

“We shall mount court challenges, utilize bureaucratic procedures, and stimulate  political actions and campaigns to  stymie, derail. oppose,and delay, any and  all undertakings of a commercial character with which the Trump organization or any of its subsidiaries are involved.”

“Thus will  the fantasy you may have conjured up of returning to a vastly increased fortune as the result of the actions of those you leave in charge of your affairs and the policies you implement from the Oval office, be shattered”.

“The question which remains to be answered as the period of your stewardship of this country unfolds is the following:  Will you in concert with the RepublIcan majorities of Congress and the consequent capability to appoint Supreme Court Justices, utilize those powers to respond to impoverished Caucasians, to African-Americans and other minorities  who have also been excluded from meaningful participation in our economy and subjected to fatal miscarriages of the criminal justice system.?”

” Furthermore, will you be responsive to others for whom  membership in the middle class is supported by the frail and emaciated platform  which the loss of one pay period would deprive them of, or will you brutally disappoint those citizens who by their electoral activity have made possible your term of office, as well their aspirations to become  economically  self-sustaining and culturally valued?”

“Unceasingly did you commit to those who live in this nation that you and only you can make America great again, restore prosperity for those who are impoverished and heal  the divisiveness of our populace.” Should you succeed I will be among the very first to  acknowledge those accomplishments.  In the event of failure, none shall be exempt from the consequences of that tragic reality.”


Bernard S. Gluckstern, Chairman

***@aol.com <https://www.prlog.org/email-contact.html#12600932&gt;



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