Shards and fragments of an evolving national enlightenment

On Saturday October First, the observance of the Second Annual American Assessment Day,  which is an exercise in exploring  the civic content of our nation’s current status, with particular reference to matters of economic justice, the mitigation of inequality, the diminishment of poverty and the  transformation of these impoverished environments into vibrant communities, was celebrated.

So too  did these participants evaluate the relationships of an interpersonal character that obtain in their nuclear families of which these individuals are members,  to determine various courses of action which when implemented will dramatically improve the joy and serenity  which issues from their domestic arrangements.

In addition, beyond the perimeters of the explorations inherent in our nation’s Annual Assessment Day activities, we are witnessing in other quarters a remarkable dynamic which recognizes the imperative requirement to address the remediation of social injustice in the United States that is unfolding concomitant with this annual event.

Recently, in various publications, articles, and op-ed pieces have appeared which suggest that some members of the political and corporate establishment have begun to acknowledge the fundamental inequities, material deprivations, and the unraveling of our national social cohesion,  as the result of these political and macroeconomic malignancies.

Tom Wilson, The Chairman of the Allstate Insurance companies, a public behemoth that provides various insurance products to 16 million Americans, proclaimed his adherence to the perspective that major corporations must be responsive to concerns and cultural circumstances that transcend their historical obligations to maximize profits for shareholders, but rather demand beyond the requirement to be actors and participants in creating the “common good.”

In an initial act toward that objective, he issued a directive to increase the minimum wage his company provides to entry-level employees to $15 an hour. Moreover, he has begun a search to formulate a broader agenda that both internal to Allstate and beyond its perimeter,  the  implementation  of various initiatives and endeavors in the pursuit of this broader goal.

Senator John Warner of Virginia, has acknowledged that our current iteration of capitalism is woefully inadequate particularly as it relates to the benefits, compensation, and other aspects of employment by which so many American workers are ensnared within major corporations, and has begun to explore various modalities and institutional configurations by which these injustices may be remedied.

The Ford Foundation has declared that the priority beyond all other considerations that shall animate their primary endeavors from this point forward is to positively respond to the challenges which inequality poses to our nation’s welfare and social peace.

That individuals and entities such as the preceding are formally committing to the imperative requirement to redress the legitimate grievances of so many tens of millions of our citizens is most encouraging, however, it remains to be seen whether these rhetorical flourishes and pronouncements yield to substantive measures which truly contain the potential to remediate the injustices in which we are immersed, or whether these statements are fundamentally an exercise in a superficial public relations campaign.

Obviously, it is our  hope that these pronouncements reflect an authentic  attempt to convey a genuine awakening to those crucial moral and political requirements, which demand the mitigation of inequality and the eradication of poverty in the United States.

At the center of that process which explicates the specific initiatives which shall accomplish the preceding goals are those that appear within a memorandum that I have transmitted to Ms. Clinton, in August of this year, The Epicenter of a Prospective Clinton Presidency: Embedding Her Methodist Creed In Our Nation’s Cultural Fabric

The struggle to transform America is gathering potency as greater numbers of our populace grow disenchanted with the status quo, and are demanding fundamental alterations in our structure of macroeconomic and political institutions and the manner and mode by which they operate.

However, it is imperative that we remain engaged in this dynamic until by our concerted actions both as citizens and consumers, we ultimately achieve the implementation of those alterations to our contemporary cultural circumstances from which a socially just society is created, that simultaneously actualizes the promises and commitments our founding fathers enunciated on behalf of all who dwell among us, more than 240 years ago.

An America that is authentically democratic shall reflect adequate minimum wages, compensation to enable our employees to exist in postures of middle-class sufficiency, equity positions within the corporations where they labor, retirement options which permit for a continuation of a comfortable existence for them and their families, membership on the boards of directors by which these companies are managed.

It requires in addition, the allocation by both public and private enterprises of a minute fraction of their annual revenues to assist in the continuing endeavor to eradicate poverty,  and implement throughout our commercial realm sustainable economic practices, as well as  the formulation of those practices and protocols within the workplace that are maximally democratic.

Finally, it also necessitates  support for those administrative, legislative, and political initiatives, which increase the mitigation of inequality and the diminution of those who are impoverished among us, and those policies which reinvigorate the vibrancy and efficacy of all citizens as they strive to regain their legitimate hegemony over those institutions that manage and control the content  which occurs in some macro regard in this nation of an economic and political character.

That is the country we are seeking. That is the society toward which we are striving. That is the cultural reality of which we are in pursuit as we celebrate the “Second Annual American Assessment Day” agenda of activities.


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