Of “Microscopic Grievances”and the obsession with cultural minutae

The frequency with which so many among us rage and condemn the acts or pronouncements of our fellow citizens about matters that are secondary or tertiary in their intrinsic significance is astonishing.

Whether it be the criticisms of celebrities or the conduct or demeanor of their peers and their unceasing  facebook entries that attempt to capture ever- escalating  photographic presentations, that leaves virtually nothing about their anatomical realities to the imagination, their vulgar exhibitionism is totally bereft of any rational purpose.

Their  “embrace” and vigorous approval of political statements that contain little if any substance or specificity; the unrestricted and continuous travel by “reality” cast members to exotic locales to engage in periods of leisure in  settings of palatial opulence,  or the contrived conflicts and ferocious arguments about imagined slights and insults of which their colleagues are guilty, all these mindless distractions are absurd and of no redeeming value whatsoever, and are on frequent display in drunken postures of vicious sarcasm and brutally cruel assessments.

In response to these events, millions of us take to the social media portals and venues and provide our judgments and perspectives about these actions and comments with an intensity that is extraordinary.

From the fervor and passion these personal reactions reflect the reader might conclude that  these concerns and issues are central to our nati0n’s welfare and continuance, and thus are worthy of the ferocity and adamant tone and uncompromising stances that have been asserted by the various contributors to this dialogue.

Often the tenor of these messages is vindictive, insulting, cruel, and framed in obscene vocabularies.  In some instances the quality of menace and threat is conveyed, and the wish that tragedy and even death will imminently befall the individual who is responsible for the heinous crime of expressing values and advocating principles that the respondent finds morally or politically repugnant.

That such vitriol and unrestrained hatred is directed towards so many whose sins are so minor and transgressions so slight, one must inquire what is the source of these extraordinarily disproportionate outburts?

They are the result of a displacement of emotions and misdirected animosity.  It is these trivial matters which most of us believe lie within our purview to influence and impact by virtue of our written opinions, that may be created and transmitted virtually instantly, under the cover of anonymity.

These controversies are amenable by their size and content to our analysis and evaluation and as such they provide us with a sense of efficacy and importance, and the most important companionate sense that we possess the capability to effect and determine precisely what the most appropriate disposition of this dispute is within the realm of public opinion.

The ultimate well- spring of these emotions are the anxieties and the enormous sense of impotence and irrelevance that so many of us continually experience in the circumstances of our daily lives. The primary animating factor in this dynamic is the tragic recognition that we possess virtually no capacity as individual citizens to impact the deliberations and decisions, which so few yet enormously powerful institutions exert in those macro realms of our society, principally political and economic.

The antidote to this sense of alienation and anomie is the acknowledgment and consequent engagement with and unceasing commitment to the concept of the power that inheres within  substantial elements of our populace, and their exertions to reclaim their dominion over those critical political determinations which we as a polity implement.

What none of us can accomplish as solitary residents of this nation may be achieved by a mobilization of substantial numbers of our populace who demand of our public institutions and those major private sector institutions, behaviors which mitigate inequality and ultimately eradicate poverty, and stimulate the recrudescence of those values and policies which will eventuate in a national renaissance.

It is this endeavor to which we should devote our energies and our enthusiasm, for when this process of an American revitalization is successfully concluded, and those among us who currently languish in states of acute despondency,  enormous discomfort, and extreme impoverishment, transform their lives and their communities into vibrant middle- class communities with all which that status presupposses, the desire and the impetus to become embroiled in the lives of the celebrities and others of intrinsic insignificance  and their contrived and fraudulent controversies will be greatly diminished, for we will have discovered an infinitely more rewarding and invaluable use of our time and our moral outrage, i.e. the tranformation of our nation and the consequent quantum improvement of our culture, which those activities will accomplish.









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