In a scant two month period the populace of this nation shall consign to a posture of political irrelevance the current president, who by any standard of evaluation by which his administration may be measured has inflicted unprecedented structural damage to our federalist system of government and the norms and customary practices by which the previous occupants of this office have deployed in the conduct of their administrative hegemonies.

Though we may be subjected in a post-Trump era to his rants, bloviations, and a ceaseless stream of incoherent prattle that will emanate on a daily basis from Trump TV, a network he shall establish immediately subsequent to his ignominious departure from the White House, he will be bereft of the legitimate constitutional authority he wielded as our nation’s chief executive, and thus other than his capacity to incite rage and sow divisiveness amongst elements of our citizenry , he will become to much of our fellows a feckless caricature and a continuous source of both comedic derision and incisive satire that is richly deserved.

However, It is my intent to devote not one additional comment or assessment beyond the preceding to this amoral and corrupt narcissist. I shall leave to the historians their comprehensive verdict of his tenure as our 45th president.

What in my view is required at this juncture presuming Vice-President Biden handily dispatches his opponent in a tsunami of ballots that emanate from the enraged and dispossessed among us, who in addition enlarge the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and install in the Senate as well a preponderance of senators who proudly claim membership in his political party. the possibilities that will be presented to this president will truly be historic and must be fully utilized to accomplish an agenda that is therapeutic, audacious, and multi-dimensional.

President Biden, your hegemony must be viewed as the crucial opportunity to both restore our institutions, rehabilitate our relationships with our allies, resurrect a strategic coherence and rational muscularity in our interactions with our adversaries, and perhaps most importantly create those unprecedent mechanisms within the White House to both substantially mitigate the financial inequities in our republic and implement those policies and programs which have as their objective the ultimate eradication of poverty in our society.

The instrumentalities, structures, processes, and protocols, to achieve much of the preceding spectrum of these goals currently exist or may should you choose to reactivate various elements of those bodies and councils which were of such inestimable value during your service in the Obama administration, can be resuscitated for those purposes., beneath your imprimatur.

However, what I am strenuously advocating is the establishment of a uniquely critical entity as the instrumentality that is charged with the responsibility to both mitigate those massive and obscene financial inequalities that are extant, as well as the fabrication of the multi-year strategic paradigm that will abolish the impoverishment of the more than 50 million among us whose lives are bereft of both material sufficiency and suffused in hopelessness and despair.

Rather than the traditional body that is concerned with related issues that reflect our nation’s current economic circumstances, i.e. The President’s Council of Economic Advisors, that is fundamentally indifferent to the concerns of inequity and poverty in its deliberations, I am advocating instead that you create The President’s Council For An Equitable Economy, which places these twin considerations and their realization at the epicenter of all that this body exists to confront and accomplish.

Beyond the formulation of those initiatives, paradigms, and strategies, as well as those tactical political considerations that are imperative in a posture of pragmatic interactions required to obtain the requisite legislative support for these proposals in the Congress, and throughout the extensive architecture of the entire federal bureaucracy, must their be allocated substantial intellectual resources to ensure that those regressive components of our nation’s oligarchy particularly within the realm of both major public financial institutions and their counterparts in the private equity sector such as hedge funds and other entities that comprise the shadow economy, who will mount unceasing attempts to thwart and oppose the implementation of those initiatives and reforms you are advocating, will be politically defeated and neutralized.

Your hegemony must reinvigorate both the efficacy of our political ethos and our constitutional legacy and the institutions that translate those normative principles into being,.

Moreover, it must also seize this moment beyond healing our divisions and revitalizing a national dialogue that is civil and mutually respectful, to act as the agent that repairs the horrific wounds to our body politic for which forty years of a neoliberal ideology has been responsible.

Among the most grievous consequences this normative perspective has inflicted are the tens of millions of casualties who have during this period been consigned to impoverishment and discarded as entities that are both devoid of any intrinsic value or respect and are culturally irrelevant, as well as other groups among us who have remained historically excluded from the fulfillment of those commitments enunciated by our founding fathers because of their race or ethnicity.

Let it be recorded in the annals of our republic that the presidency of Joe Biden was responsible for the recapitulation of a vibrant and salubrious democracy, but so too did he through the audacity and creativity of his edicts and programmatic initiatives usher in an unprecedented era in which an equitable America was created and social justice became the ascendant reality that we as a people have been seeking to actualize since the moment almost two and a half centuries ago when our formal existence was proclaimed during a sweltering summer in Philadelphia.

*When the Biden era commences in approximately six months from this date it is of the utmost importance that an agenda and chronology that the President’s Council For An Equitable Economy embodies be immediately implemented. Thus what I am strenuously advocating is that the the requisite intellectual efforts to construct this paradigm and the political strategies to guarantee its adoption must be initiated immediately.

** The principal sources that are relevant to this endeavor is the model I have formulated beneath the umbrella of The Fund For An Equitable America, and the scholarship which has been created by those who labor within the confines of the Democracy Collaborative. In addition the proposals crafted by the Center For Economic and Social Justice would accomplish these twin objectives and beyond those achievements would more broadly transform both our economy and the furthest reaches of our culture.


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