The crucial reconciliation that the preservation of our nation demands

As the final days expire that separates our electorate from the ultimate determination of who shall lead this republic forward in its continuing journey and in its immediate aftermath, it is our considered judgement that the maintenance of our viability as a democracy is in imminent peril and in the absence of a concerted and collective protocol to which we must all unreservedly commit and implement, our federalist system may founder on the shoals of a ferocious partisanship and in postures of rage and mutual recrimination we may witness the violent implosion of our constitutional order.

All of us are culpable in some partial regard for the enmity and divisiveness that is intensifying throughout our polity. None are exempt. To those who view the American experiment as unsullied and exemplary in every aspect of the historical record we have compiled, I respectfully suggest that though much of our global activity has contributed to the stability and welfare of democracies throughout the world , it must also acknowledge the shameful facts of the involuntary servitude of those who were forcibly abducted from African nations, and the displacement and cultural dismemberment of those Native Americans who resided on this continent prior to our arrival.

Moreover, though capitalism has produced unprecedented material well being for many among us, substantial numbers of our fellow citizens have been consigned to financial circumstances of precarious fragility and prisons of destitution, often as the result of the legacies of discrimination and exclusion that we have as a culture yet to rectify.

Many in the Republican party frequently appear to be attentive to the priorities of those who comprise our corporate elites who conduct their business affairs on Wall Street and within the confines of the Silicon Valley, that have resulted in the exacerbation of the mammoth financial inequities that are extant among the various quintiles of our citizens, and the non-existence of those comprehensive strategic initiatives to diminish if not eradicate poverty in our nation.

In addition, among those who sit at the apogee of the Democratic party are officials who have intermittently joined with their colleagues across the aisle and supported legislation that benefited our class of oligarchs and their monetary objectives. So too have they frequently presumed that those in the middle-class and in penurious circumstances had no other electoral option but to cast their ballots for the retention of their extended longevity in the Congress, and either ignored the imperative requirements their constituents were urgently importuning or provided policy and programmatic responses that were anemic or minimally ameliorative.

To those who comprise our professional elites and other inhabitants of our upper-middle class to whom in concert with the 1% of our citizenry much of the wealth has been redistributed, from both the middle-class and poor in our societal hierarchy, your dismissal and derogation of our fellow citizens in principally rural environments who were denied the opportunities to acquire collegiate educations and derive their income from labor that is frequently dangerous and exhausting is appalling.

Moreover, their plight has been compounded by their status as casualties of globalization and as a result they have experienced the grievous unraveling of those institutions which provided meaning and coherence in their lives. Your rejection of their intrinsic worth has provoked in these Americans a rage and desire for retaliation that fuels so much of their populist fervor and unremitting hatred for those who occupy positions of influence in our culture.

In the event that Joe Biden and democrats in the Senate achieve victory on the 3d of November and assume control of that chamber, and in concert with a majority of their fellows in the House of Representatives accomplish the political capability to enact the legislative program and deploy those executive initiatives that they so desperately wish to translate into reality, the single most urgent task which must be addressed is to extend to ALL those among us who are dispossessed and disadvantaged, a sacred pledge to reintegrate them into the center of our society.

We must also proffer this promise to those who live in gnawing economic insecurity and those who suffer from unrelenting material deprivation, to African-Americans and Caucasians, to Latino and Asian populations , to those in the LGBTQ, and Immigrant segments of our populace, to Jews and Christians and Muslims and the members of all other faiths as well. So too must we include those who do not embrace any theology.

The crucial message that his presidency and the Congress that convenes in the winter of 2021 must convey is the accomplishment of the reunification of our democracy, in which every constituency that has previously been ignored or rejected shall be heard, and most importantly that the appropriate and sufficient responses to these pleas shall be forthcoming in a programmatic context that is replete with the financial resources to fully render initiatives operational.

if we are to remain politically solvent and socially intact we must cease viewing those with whom we disagree as enemies; we must dispense with categorizing every conflict and dispute as endeavors which must be crowned in victory if our nation is to survive; and we must acknowledge that the entirety of that which is valid and contains elements of the truth and the total reality we seek to apprehend can be found not only on CNN and in The New York Times, but also appears in The Wall Street Journal and on Fox News.

At this critical juncture of our life as a nation unless the preceding actions that are demanded of all of us are invoked and become the empirical reality of our daily life, we shall be subjected as a civilization to the horrific and terrifying existential disintegration of the world’s most ancient democratic system.

The choice is ours and nothing less than either a re-commitment to civility, mutual respect, and a tolerance for appreciating the importance and relevance of those who embrace dissimilar values and priorities will suffice, or a descent into chaos and oblivion from which the resurrection of our republic will be impossible, and the incalculable regret and profound sorrow should that be the fate which awaits us will be a tragedy which no words can adequately describe.


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